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The sounds and images of a tortured mind that cannot stop thinking of wasted moments and ravaged dreams -- Uvalde on my mind . . . Read More
I felt I owed it to my Soul to consider her lamentable destiny, to be me. Read More
As described to me. Do not fuss at me. I know they're right but we humans have our cultural impositions. Read More
Here is what I felt I had to write today. And I mean every word of it. People should do and believe what they want and need to believe, what their Gut, what their conscience, what their beliefs tells them is true. This is only my Story. An honest Witness.… Read More
The Simple Souls have financially contributed for years in a row tot their guru. Now, under the impulse of Jane and her cousin Eugenie, they prepare the downfall of someone they now consider a vile sinner... Read More
And continuing on . . . GHOSTS I have known. Read More
I am compiling data to write this long article/essay. I will be uploading this in installments. I only have a few hours in which to write, before my mini Maine Coon starts howling for me to pet him, feed him, make him feel like a King. The stories I am… Read More
The passage of time numbs the pain and hardens the scars of anguish and of sorrow. The horror, fear and shock of September 11, 2001 captured on celluloid and human consciousness, that keeps replaying the human tragedy that set the world aflame. Read More
The night betrayed the slumbering souls, whose drifting and shifting dreams filled the darkness of the emerging day to be. The winds of time, shallow and muted, blowing gently against the eroding waves of memories lived and shared, and dreams dissolving and fading into the shadows of the night. And… Read More
There is a crisis in our land. It is like the tentacles of evil, reaching out and grasping at the heaving breasts of human souls, entwining and twisting its slippery arms around their minds and their thoughts. It is a crisis of the spirit of a nation, and the collapsing… Read More
I am a solitary man, in a world of isolated souls. I am devoid of the accoutrements of power and wealth, empowered only by my mind, and emboldened only by my tenacity, a trait bestowed by the legacy of pride and honor transported across the Rio Grande in the souls… Read More
Lost to the past with unfinished lives and incomplete souls. Lost to the days that never come -- soldiers of fate and warriors without cause, forever stilled. Casualties of war and victims of deceit, forever shadows of the days that never come, but last forever. Read More
The Soul-Eater loves Creating once-were people, Devouring their souls. Read More
Before the beginning of time there were dreams that blew across the firmament of all that was. It was when dreams were fragments of unformed souls seeking refuge from the expanse of time and the whirlwinds of destinies that filled the heavens and the void beyond. Read More
It is the awakening of shadows long dormant and hidden, roaming the night in search of minds, souls and hearts too weak to hear or feel the rumblings of the approaching harvesters and ravagers of dreams and of fantasies that once fueled the imagination and the passion of the human… Read More
I hear voices in the night that wake me from my slumber. They speak to me of times long past and at times of things to come. They are the voices of stolen souls that echo in the night. Read More

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Nestled in the middle of nowhere in a field of forgotten dreams lie the sleeping souls of our past. The eternal slumber peaceful and serene. A metal gate secured by lock and key, as if to keep the ghosts of yesterday from fleeing or abandoning their desolate and overgrown kingdom… Read More

Short Story / Horror

September 16, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Horror could be a mis labelling of this story, but it is firmly in the supernatural genre. Love is the most powerful thing we have as human beings. It can conquer any obstacles, endure any trial and last for eternity. What an amazing weapon. We should deploy it more often.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem I wrote based on a thought I had while I was walking by the sea. I looked at the water, and it felt as if I had been doing it for way longer than just 19 years. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My love for one person who I will fight for Until I'm in his arms I won't stop loving you    I will wait forever if I have to     I will not give up , I won't ever forget my love for you    Please if something happens … Read More
A little history on the life of a shaman in the northern paiute culture. Read More
A young girl, enamored with her grandmother's skill of seeing auras, befriends Ovid--a Classicist's son and lover of the ocean's waves. I am planning on making this the beginning to a full length novel and would appreciate feedback! Read More

Poem / Romance

October 14, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The only thing about this poem I am not "set" on, is the title. Although it makes sense to me, I can understand if it seems totally off base to you, the reader. If you have any suggestions, or thoughts, please throw them my way! I hope you enjoy! Read More

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Here is the real deal = How Heaven Works and How Hell Works and everything you need to know, about the REAL WORLD behind the Stage Curtain. Read More
As you will read, your daft Scrivener prefers not to. Read More
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