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Grandmother of us all  I need your healing SPIRIT     Mine is sick  I don't know what I need    Could you direct me  To the direction     Of the healer  To Save this SPIRIT of mine      GrandMother  Thankyou  A'HO Creator... Read More
It's right there   I can't seem to grasp    I'm being pulled away      Please don't leave         Your my way out          I worked so hard on you        I can't lose you too    You know what I went through … Read More
I'm sorry for all the things  I've done in my rush through  Life and hurting as I passed by all my loved ones I never meant to push away I lost myself  I gotta go save myself . I hope I get another chance  That I forgot to take  In… Read More
Through her tragedy  She still shined  She was the light  In her Darkness  She knew her way With passion in her soul  And the sun,moon stars Reflecting in her eyes  She was strong  A voice silent  Her words we're poetic  When the moon rises  Is when you will see  Her… Read More
Please love me  Even in my fury Which rises like the tides  Beneath the moon  I plead guilty Before my only  Judge and jury  I do want to change  But understand change  Takes time,  Let me be your only destiny To be loved by you is all I desire  To… Read More
Native Beauty within she never seen her true beauty in her self but she was able to see her true strength the beautiful vision a fighter the warrior inside reflections of herself she feared making her wonder the worst of all her invisible scars only she can see she was… Read More
I stare, he stares back, moves when I move. But he is not me. He is only a perversion of myself, because I am me, as far as I am concerned. However, he leaves when I leave, also if I gaze long enough I become petrified, and so does he.… Read More

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The Writing for you... House

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A young girl, enamored with her grandmother's skill of seeing auras, befriends Ovid--a Classicist's son and lover of the ocean's waves. I am planning on making this the beginning to a full length novel and would appreciate feedback! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poetic collab with Dr. Acula. Read More

Poem / Romance

October 14, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The only thing about this poem I am not "set" on, is the title. Although it makes sense to me, I can understand if it seems totally off base to you, the reader. If you have any suggestions, or thoughts, please throw them my way! I hope you enjoy! Read More

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Here is the real deal = How Heaven Works and How Hell Works and everything you need to know, about the REAL WORLD behind the Stage Curtain. Read More
As you will read, your daft Scrivener prefers not to. Read More

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May 29, 2018

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Just a little something to keep concepts flowing. Read More

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Souls flood through our fingers, onto the page to touch someone else's Read More
I am a three-time Near Death Experiencer. I am a victim of cosmically ILLEGAL raising of my Kundalini = all of which enables me to see, third-eye, my Past, Present and Future Timelines, Co-Existing Timelines, Possible and Probable Timeline Movies, and those of Others who are in my Life… Read More
I am a three time Near Death Experiencer - and the Aftereffects and the Cosmically ILLEGAL, raising of my Kundalini, has caused me to literally see, third-eye - my Past, Present and Future Lives, those of Others, and all Co-existing Timelines, Probable and Possible Outcome Life Movies. I'm mad… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 09, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

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The The Team Players House

On the planet Utopia in the Queens galaxy, Cameron Moriantes is taken out of his foster home and brought to a research institution for people who have developed "abilities". almost instantly he is enlisted in "squad 37" a group of five members who simply put represent the institution as the… Read More
Finding true a traffic jam. Read More
In our very own survival, there are sacrifices involved that gets easily overlooked. This story is about how every living creature has its own struggles, own family and the desire to live just like how we humans do. Read More
This is a demo of sorts as well as my first time writing here as this place was recommended by a friend named Christopher Rhodes(I'm not sure if you've heard of him). Any who I hope you enjoy this weird geeky prologue of something that I hopefully plan to finish. Read More

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