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A view on South Africa. Read More

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Farm attacks are a controversial, everyday occurrence in South Africa, suspected by victims and their families to be a tactic to get farmers off their land. Farming in South Africa is currently listed by INTERPOL as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I wrote piece this… Read More
In a time where it feels like there is little hope for South Africa-this will show South Africans like myself, even people from other nations, that South Africa is a proud and patriotic nation. Read More
Studies took Sheline to Johannesburg to live with her aunt while she completes her degree programme in Journalism. During a break, she returned home in Bulawayo where she was laced, unknowingly, with a sexual locking formula by her insecure and self-doubting husband. He did it to prevent his wife from… Read More
Observations from my youth. Growing up under apartheid as a white boy. Read More
Students are destroying property without considering at all what it is showing the rest of the world - so thoughtless and self-absorbed! Read More
Something that is seldom discussed, something that is seldom written about... reverse apartheid... Life is full of change, and sometimes the ramafications and echoes in the next generation are just... well... they are simply not the best answer, and seldom affect the people of the past who caused the need… Read More

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Be careful what you take for granted in your life. No matter what you believe, what goes around, comes around... what you give, you receive... karma... Live every day being the best you can be! (+/- 30 mins performance time) Right - I have managed (after much toil!) to get… Read More
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