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The Booksie Classic House

This is an essay I wrote after work one evening after reading through some news stories of the day. South Africa has a history of racial segregation I felt that currently we are subject to a new form of segregation. We are being segregated by economic class as opposed to… Read More
expression of the difficulty we face in our community Read More
War rape victim Nancy Nujomba flees from the battleground that is the South West Africa/Angola border area in 1978 to South Africa seeking safety and security. In Uitenhage just outside Port Elizabeth, she witnesses the police massacre 22 people in March 1985 and her life is turned around as she… Read More
An opinion-piece about my experiences of the fast-food industry. Read More
In 1899, as a young English woman of 20, Charlotte Carter finds herself in love with a soldier who is sent over to fight in the second Boer War. Desperate not to lose him she secures a job as a nurse in one of the camps. She has been sheltered… Read More
a short story about South African Roads and challenges South Africans face each day. The story centres around a Mini Bus taxi's actions and the impact a small incident can have on the psyche of an individual. It is important to note that these Mini Bus taxis are the main… Read More
Written in honour of one of the great and most influential statesmen of our time - Madiba. A native of my home country, and a constant inspiration to me as I grew up. Read More
The South African Bush War in the 1980s: Johan Lubbe has been conscripted into the South African army. He witnesses the depths of man's cruelty towards his fellows, but also learns about integrity, compassion and ... love. Read More
This is a poem I wrote when I was 14 years old about Nelson Mandela who struck a chord with me from a very early age. Read More

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January 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

After three years of being home schooled in the wilderness of South Africa, Cago returns to her home town to finish her last year of High school. What will happen when she has to confront her past all over again? What will people say when they know her secret? Will… Read More
Wildlife photographer Hal Brindley recounts the heart-pounding adventures of his final day as a cheetah tracker in South Africa. Read More
Socio-Economic development in Africa remains a big challenge. This book attempts a cause-diagnostic solution to Africa's development challenges and argues that attending to cultural elements and developing some vision to develop high cost but high impact interventions in tangible Infrastructure can help Africa come out of its underdevelopment crisis.… Read More
This is a short english assignment on my choise of subjebt apartheid, it contains basic history about ANC and the sharpeville massacre aswell as a book analysis/reviw on "the cry of Winnie Mandela" by Njabulo S. Ndebele. I´m not sure about rating but the history of apartheid is a blood… Read More

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January 22, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

A teacher has discovered that she has the ability to see the future of her class - pupil by pupil - and know where they will end up in the year 2010, the year they are due to finish their schooling. It is set in South Africa. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My school required me to write an essay titled: Why I Would Visit South Africa. Comments, suggestions, ratings appreciated, man! Written by 17yr old girl Read More
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