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January 14, 2019

Loss of sovereignty. Read More
Often times Calvinists and Arminians are at odds with each other. Actually, quite often they butt heads like two stubborn Mountain Rams. In my personal experience, from education, life, and ministry, the primary reasons for this are twofold: neither position attempts to truly understand the other; and two, Arminians often… Read More
When some people hear the word "Calvinism" they are immediately turned off. Others have no idea what it means. Calvinism is the most thorough, systemized representation of biblical doctrine. But how does that work out practically in the life of one of God's elect, adopted children? This article attempts to… Read More
Predestination or free will? Fore-ordained or free will? What exactly is free will? Read More

Book / Thrillers

August 15, 2013

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The knowledge of living life is absent from our fragile minds. We work for results that are fictional in our own world. Money, wealth and fame never does make the cut when survival comes to play. Countless of people die every single day, while we sit in our secure homes… Read More
A look into the true events of 4.26.06. Read More
An Excerpt from "Just Say No to Ancschluss" the sixth chapter of my book "How Canada Could Rule the World". The entire chapter can be found at Read More
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