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September 17, 2017

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Taking an exclusive peek through the mind of a sadist as he engages in dialogue with some of his detractors. Try to pick out who each character is by reading the exchange that takes place below. Enjoy. Read More
In an alternative 1963, the smaller states across the Iron Curtain are suddenly and unexpectedly called to battle as the western powers engage in a brutal war against the USSR. Colonel Leskinen emerges as the sole survivor of a conflict in north-eastern Finland, and by some miracle, finds his way… Read More
Yuri Flipchenko is Soviet soldier who happens to be at the Kremlin when the Nazi's invade. Read More
Narrated in the first perosn by Communism himself- Katie and Katya live during the Cold War, one in Soviet Russia, the other in the USA. One with all the privileges of life and the other turns slowly into an empty shell.. Read More
New Frontier is an alternate history novel. Read More
A group of Russian teenagers are drafted into separate sides of a civil war, when they are chosen to test a new type of Bio-Armor (BOA), used for anti-tank purposes. ------------------------------------------------- Chapter One: Sergei's life is changed forever... Read More
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