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What if you were to wake up and find you had space-shifted overnight into something exactly wrong for your situation? That is how Quist, personal assistant to the -Ruler of the Universe- starts his day, this day, when he wakes up as a gerbil . . . Read More
An eyewitness account of what really happened on the Rim colony of Castrovalva. This story is inspired by what happened to the 16th century colony of Roanoke. Read More

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June 09, 2019

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I think that someone has made a big mistake ignoring our Solar System and its workings. My poem. Read More

Tags: life, space, dream, time, events

When NASA looses communications with an experimental space station they send two astronauts into space to investigate the mysterious incident. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting astronauts, there is a powerful super-human being lurking in the shadows of the space station, waiting for them. Part 1 of a continuous series. Read More
venice newman is a little boy under the watch of his guardians, an old couple who were apparently good friends with his mother, who had gone missing five years earlier. however one night he is whisked off into his lost family, the 5th element tribe, the magic tribe. watch as… Read More
The year is 2552 CE. For twenty-seven years the alien collective known as the Covenant has been hunting down the human race. Colony after colony has been annihilated. Humanity has been forced to retreat again and again until a single planet remains the only hope mankind has of surviving… Earth.… Read More
this is a story that i had the first page of for years and then entered the story into a contest for sci fi and the rest suddenly came together. it connects nicely to another short story i have, such winds as these. you'll see why when you read it.… Read More
"Escape from the Ammut" is a sci-fi short story set on a space ship about to collide with a planet. Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian afterlife myth, where a person's heart is weighed against a feather, the characters of “Escape from the Ammut” must face their past sins in order… Read More

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"OH DAMN! A poweful and intense short story. So much packed in such a few paragraphs I loved it. That ending, that ending was worth the read. I..." Read More

The year is 2702. Charlotte Blacksand, a witty sixteen-year-old government orphan, escapes from Earth to start a new life in the domed cities of Tylius. At first, it appears that Charlotte is getting the freedom she has always wanted, but when she finds herself in the midst of a mission… Read More

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The Story revolves around a boy named Ethan who goes through a hard life during his young days until he was mysteriously given powers that no longer made his life miserable, making him superior to humanity. Everything felt good for Ethan until a tragic event happens that resulted in… Read More
So far, no one knows what 'time' is! My Poem. Read More
After Viceroy Euclid Seya absconds with Vee, the Director of Biological Control, and 150 other humans from the Generational Ketch, Quinn takes the starjet Perilous and convinces Vee's flight crew to mount a rescue. Can three men and one determined android take on the entire Theravadan fleet and the Petavatthu… Read More
The Earth is dying. World leaders of Earth come together to save the best, brightest, and culture. They build a space ark—the Generational Ketch. With a one hundred and fifty thousand year journey ahead, fate takes ahold of the sleeping passengers and crew in the form of help. Yet, is… Read More
When Gigi finds a strange artifact she and her friends fall into a realm filled with surreal deadly creatures. With the help of Ahren and other trapped Inglaidians, they must find a way home before the terrors of the Shadow Realm take them for all eternity. Read More
Trapped in the far away galaxy of Andromeda, nothing but the chaos of the unknown met Ilmar, Lucerne, and Ephrya. After finding rescue, of sorts, with a group of human refugees, they lean each day proves a struggle to survive. The race of mysterious cloaked figures, along with their enormous,… Read More

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Join a young Rabbit on her journey as she travels through the galaxy and finds out why Earth’s moon is the most beautiful moon of all! Read More

Tags: space, moon, rabbit

An old interplanetary transport ship on the Hohmann Earth-Mars run has the usual malfunctions. Read More

Tags: space, science

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I looked out the window and saw something that both amazed me and terrified me. It was beautiful. I had never seen anything like it. But it was a grim reminder that I was stuck. I was never going home. I could never see Halley again. Her beautiful blue eyes… Read More
2062, Martian orbit. Four of the first Martians ready to step foot onto a new frontier. Mars. This perilous journey will cost them everything, but will be start of everything, Read More

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A space story about the many ventures that the Grafters attempt. Some work out well, others, not so much. Read More

Tags: aliens, space, time

The title says it all. Read More
The Source is above all. The Source begets all. Matthew Brannon, a young boy from the Bronx, lives out a harsh and broken life with his abusive, former prizefighter father in Woodlawn. Everyday is the same routine of violence, scorn, and heartbreak. His only solace in life is his childhood… Read More
an astronaut, at the end of a long journey, receives a signal from a supposedly uninhabited planet... Read More

Tags: space, shot-story

A short sci-fi story following a young woman trying to choose a side within a universe run by the Unity. Read More

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Debunker is part of a short story/Sci-fi series building up to one and the same book set in the Salvador galaxy. While this one is currently uncompleted you can check out Lost To The Void as it is set in the same universe. Terry Blue has taken… Read More
See what the pen can do! My poem. Read More

Tags: music, space, hell, sun, venus

A time, long, long, past sees a planet filled with people and animals; filled to the point that there is no more room for either. --- How did they cope and what happened because of it. Read More

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One of the greatest things in life, is to finish the course. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, life, space, dream, time

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