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In a world where the earth doesn't exist, humans live in space, and raiders exist. there's also sun defenders; people who protect the sun. Sard, a sun defender, decides to leave his family in a planet called Merit so he can protect the sun. Enter; Sor, Sard's son. Sor and… Read More

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In the world of Terhindir, the Deth'r'awg people, devoted to deity Ucht, struggled to survive in their rain-soaked land. A young inventor named Yeth'l created a machine harnessing rain's power, revolutionizing their lives. But as they embraced newfound comforts and conveniences, they unwittingly depleted their natural resources, leading to environmental… Read More

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September 19, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Novel about love Read More

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"The tone here is super. I do hope it is the voice of a character and this is the intro to a novel… chapter 1, short and bittersweet? And s..." Read More

You are Mark, an agent of resistance being hunted through the Kuiper Belt by forces of the tyrannical UCES government. Can you find and rescue your daughter from the clutches of the government before it's too late? And will you uncover the lost archive of forbidden histories in time to… Read More
Mar'ya is from a dead world, and is seeking a new planet for her people to call home. But there are some problems with her completing the mission. One of which, she does not agree with the ultimate objective, which she was never supposed to know. How will this spy… Read More
The spirit travels faster than the speed of light. My poem. Read More
If David Bowie boarded the Virgin Galactica mission to space Read More
It's a proud moment for Astronaut Kaylee as she stands on the moon in her gleaming white Apollo spacesuit. She is the first woman on the moon, or so she thought... Kaylee and her defenseless crew of American astronauts soon find themselves under attack by a sadistic female super-villain on… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An anthology of stories, art, poems, songs, and other media from a science fiction universe. See through the eyes of many characters as you travel through the solar system Guard at sub-light speeds! Life is hard in the universe, space is a dangerous place. Only the very lucky survive, but… Read More
What would I really say? My poem. Read More
Thousands of years after his imprisonment, vampire Prince Zadrian Vayne escapes and begins his journey of vengeance against those who made him a captive. After meeting the dangerous alien, Vast, the two of them decide upon a pact to achieve their aims. Their story takes them across the universe to… Read More
Not far away from the outer rim of the Universe, a strange object was visible. Read More

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Sergeant Trent Cain and his band of space rangers are sent on a mission so secret they can't even be told what it is. Scheduled to take six months, Cain awakes to find they have been in hyper-sleep for two years and are now entering the orbit of unknown moon.… Read More

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After her adventure into the upside down Belly is now the universe, here are the tales of her new adventres in space with her beloved companions Perky Jackson, a young man seeking love in all the wrong places (the vacuum of space) and Belly's mother/daughter Ellen Ripley a half alien… Read More
There is a path laid out before you. You are contemplating whether to take it or not. My poem. Read More
We think time is first, but we could be wrong. My poem. Read More
The painting of a new beginning. Read More
This is the last flashback leading up to the events of the first story in "core of fire". Here we find a bedridden Fox and his weeping mother as she contemplates his illness. Read More
This story was inspired by a post by Bad Space Comics, and a helping of Andy Weir. Read More
Check it out for yourself, then you can give your opinion. My poem. Read More

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