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Derak's adventures continue with Shesain guiding him. Read More
The adventure continues, as Derak and Shesain find each alluring and attractive. Read More
Triangulum Odyssey Chronicles tells the story of four individuals on how they dealt with the last 12 to 36 hours on Earth. Everyone gave up everything they loved, including family, friends, jobs, business, etc. It’s a peek into how they were all feeling and the emotions that sometimes were hard… Read More
In the final chapter, it's time for Janet and her crew to head back to Nile Space Lab and United Military Federation to give her report to the military brass with Ami and Miranda after a long hard battle with the Ladearains. Ami tells Col. Tiff why the Ladearain dreadnought… Read More
The battle for the Ladearain dreadnought has finally begun. With the alliance built on trust and respect, Janet and her crew finally take the fight to the Ladearains after knowing the ship's location. It was a long and hard fight, but it will be a victory everyone will never forget. Read More
After flying from one region to another and making friends with different alien species, Janet finally has the information and location of the Ladearain battlecruiser, a Star Cloud Class Dreadnought. With the help of other exotic species helping Janet and her crew battle the Ladearains, it will be a war… Read More
Things are heating up as the crew of the Blaze are getting closer to finding that Ladearain battlecruiser they have been looking for. Janet is pissed off at the Ladearian for threatening to go to war if they didn't leave. She was hearing that put Janet in an awkward spot… Read More
The crew of the Blaze arrived on Bul'th. To their surprise, things have taken a turn they weren't expecting. They find out that the Ladearians have been spying on them and threatening war if they don't stop looking for the battlecuriser. Read More
stephanie goes on an emotional rollercoaster ride before she departs for the triangulum galaxy. Read More
The Mission has begun to find that Ladearain battlecruiser in the city of Bul'th, along with the trouble that everyone will be getting themselves into. Read More
Triangulum Odyssey Chronicles is a short story about Stephine, Stella, Nora, and Joesph. They go on an emotional rollercoaster ride dealing with their feelings, about giving up everything they love. Take a trip with them, as they talk about the last 12 to 36 hours before leaving for the colony… Read More
The side mission that Tuk'uth has spoken to Janet about has started is about to take a strange turn. Wolf Pack, aka Blaze, has arrived at Hi'tha, a small base in the Yak'uth cluster. To their surprise, the base is anything but small, and just like the Ladearian shipyard, they… Read More
The hunt for the Ladearain battlecruiser is on. With new alien crew members onboard Janet, new ship cargo ship Wolf Pack. The crew heads out to Bul'th on Haraitha in the Beta Guam System to search for that ship. Before they can do that, they must prove their loyalty to… Read More
The mission gets underway as the crew of Wolf Pack, aka Space Dogs, set course Bul'th on the planet of Haraita in the Beta Guam System. With new crew members added to the mission, things are about to get very interesting as the task takes on a life of its… Read More
the hunt is on for a battlecruiser that is no longer a rumor. a new alliance and friendship have taken place at nile space lab. for the first time, aliens will be part of the crew of the blaze. with a new mission at hand, things are about to get… Read More
When the last mission turned into a total mess, they expected the outcome to just end. A new mission has arisen for the crew of the Blaze. Profitable business dealings and contracts are being offered to them. With Maj Ami Baker now part of the crew, they hope the hunt… Read More
After arriving at the military Hq, Janet got into a heading conversation with Maj Ami Baker over the mission; she demanded Janet must finish that. To Col Ami Baker's surprise, she has been ordered by Col Scott Tiff to join the mission to her dislike. Read More
The story of the Blaze continues. After stealing a cargo ship's weapons and fighting their way back to the neutral zone, Janet tells everyone to take a break and go on shore leave to Nile Space Lab. She and Red goes to the Colony One Space Station, where things get… Read More
Moving is hard enough, but Jana is moving to New Didrasyl: a colony of malens known for religious zealotry and closed-mindedness. Her parents hoped it would help her with her . . . problem. She's a dimstone. Unlike other malens her age, her magestone appears to be useless. The gemstone… Read More
The crew of the interstellar cargo tug Stardancer encounters alien species and overcomes one obstacle after another in their attempt to keep the evil Cartel from gaining control of a newly discovered planet. Read More

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When the crew of the Blaze found out that they were not on a shipyard but a supply yard. The battlecruiser they were supposed to steal was a lightweight cargo ship upon finding out the containers stored at the supply yard had weapons, gems, rare stones, and other things on… Read More
After Janet gets the information about the Ladearieans shipyard, she tells the crew they have two hours to develop a plan for the mission. Read More
Janet is told about an informer that knows the layout of the shipyard. Miranda takes Janet to an outpost in the Io Region. Read More
The story continues as Capt Janet and a few crew members visit Nile Space Lab. The visit goes to hell in a handbasket, as some crew get caught in a shady deal that goes bad, gets ripped off, and tries not to get killed by an alien mob boss. Read More
The crew of S.S Blaze must survive and stay out of trouble long enough to steal a ship from the Ladearians shipyard. The only problem these misfits have is they can't seem to stay out of trouble or try to get themselves killed. Read More
Happy New Year 3309! The Tenant’s Wrath is a research report on how aliens live on their planet. It is written in this 34 th Century. We remember from our history books that the alien invasion happened in 3205. So, this is only one century after the first contact with… Read More
A rogue Watcher has secretly settled agents on all eighteen confederation worlds. Only the newly joined nineteenth member (Earth) isn't affected - yet. Neil Bolgon and Rebecca Chambers agree to help the Tranchillions hunt for the rogue Colonel Dowdneer on Tranchilite and stay behind when the envoy team return to… Read More
Rebecca Chambers' story continues. In the first book (The Tranchillion Encounter) she was once a normal, average person. Well, normal and average except for being psychic. But she met Neil Bolgon and her life changed forever. In Probing Anthera we will see her grow in confidence as her eyes are… Read More
During Humanities first manned flight to newly discovered Anthera (A planet on the edge of our solar system) the Astronauts are attacked by an unknown alien race and forced to flee. As a result, war breaks out between the humans and the aliens. Another race from the same part of… Read More

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Inspired by the Sci-fi B Movies of the 1950s. The Martian Bloodworms on Mars is a satirical, parody space opera. It is part script, part story, and all crazy. Read More

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