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Ksok works as a miner in the outer reaches of Known Space, but secretly he is on a mission for his lodge. Read More
Alien Trading Partners, what a concept. But like all business venture the question is, "Can you trust them?" Read More

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Inspired by the budget sci fi B movies of the 1950s. Attack of the Martian Bloodworms on Mars, is part script, part story. A satirical, space opera, parody, and all crazy. Read More

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"Fantastic! Take a bow, C-S, I'm standing here shouting encore!" Read More

Someone said that this was a kid's story, I don't think they were talking very little kids. It is a fable looking at possible life from another angle, and what some might do with it. Read More
This is the third book in the group of 3 I am working on. Please go see Demon Inside Me and Fallen Paladin if you liked this one. If you could, comment on the one you would like me to work on more first. Read More
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