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A crew of cast out, worn out and burned out space sailors, travel space in hopes of work and pleasure. Each member brings a skill to the table but some bring more than barged for. Morea tells her story both past and present intertwined with moments that are not her… Read More
A former worker of a spaceship awakens out of cryogenic sleep only to find herself and the ship completely abandoned and alone. Read More
The most evil man in the universe (you) becomes God. Dark humor / science fiction. (Anti-Douglas Adams, if you will.) Read/download entire novel: Chapter 1 (Preface): A remote alien ship drops coffee seeds on earth circa the time of the dinosaurs, 70 million years ago. Read More
An unexpected telephone call reignites a retired professor's space travel ambitions, but at what cost—and to whom? Read More
This story follows the path of the Human race after religion and the use of currency was abolished. From its first steps into interstellar travel to its first contact with another advanced Race. My very work in progress, might actually turn into a book instead of a short story. Please… Read More
Archibald Nugget, the vampire millionaire, explores the galaxy with his cowardly servant Jamelia Soggybottom. Unfortunately they almost instantly experience a malfunction and crash land on a planet that hasn\\'t yet discovered space travel. To their dismay, their only hope of leaving is by trusting a creepy stalker-like citizen of the… Read More
In a world where the only food is an oozing, grey sludge, a transmission from Earth changes everything... The aliens discover cake! Read More
He can't speak a sentence without using the word "Assimilate"... Read More
Bran's character sheet. Don't play him much. RD character. Read More
Niki. He moved to America having no idea really. Only living with his mother, he never got to know his father or anybody else in his family until the day she died. Then he realized that his mother worked for the government along with her father at one time creating… Read More
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