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The intrepid canine space explorer Lemuel P. Schwanz visits a planet torn by ideological conflicts. Sequel to OF DOGS AND MEN. Continues in A TAIL OF LOVE. Read More

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

Two brothers living in the Soviet Union go on a traditional mushroom hunt in a forest and find an orb that predicts the future. Continues in NEAR DEATH, ICHTHYS, and SCARLET BEAST. Read More

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The Christian Writers House

The survivor of a spaceship crash unknowingly founds a civilization of sentient dogs, who experience pivotal events of their history a thousand years later. Sequel to ICHTHYS and IDOLS. Continues in THE BIZARRE ADVENTURE OF LEMUEL P. SCHWANZ, THE INQUISITOR, and FORWARD TO THE PAST. Read More
An alien from Mars comes to Earth with a strange ability. Read More
See the sparks that fly And the arcs of lightning jump On that night of triumph See the rocket’s glare Hear its thunder roar On the night we flew to Mars A flaming craft we see A streak across the sky A brilliant triumph On the night we flew to… Read More
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