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Kate Heart has gotten her memory back thanks to her love Jack Spade. But Kate's mother has been taken to Ramsville, and the pair must go back to save her. Along the way they run into new characters Despacio Deportes and Thomas, who will aid them in finding Kate's mother.… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 18, 2015

The legacy goes that when the great Card Game arrives, whoever holds the Aces wins the hand. The four realms are ready to go to war, but still they wait: they wait for the Aces to reveal themselves. Read More
This happened upon me while I was working on another piece. Read More
When Ophelia is brought face-to-face with reality, her life is in pieces. Her life has been a lie, she has been brought up to believe one thing, whilst her heart tells her another. What will she choose? Read More
In the kingdom of Venetian Hearts, a cruel 15 year old girl rules. As the story goes on, secrets are revealed and powers are obtained... Read More
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