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A vacation description of a small marina village at the east coast of Spain called: L'estartit. Read More
Biography of a humanitarian, relentless researcher, brilliant organic and inorganic chemist, patriot and pater famili?s, distinguished professor emeritus in plant pathology. Read More
List of children murdered by Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) Read More
Biography Tomás Jenaro de Cámara y Castro “Padre Cámara” Read More
Biography Rev Fr Javier Echevarría Rodríguez Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In the spring of 2005, a recent American college graduate wastes away his days in Madrid, Spain, where he's escaped the reality of his life back home under the guise of an English-teaching gig. Unfortunately, a penchant for avoidance, thoughtless spending, and partying causes him to lose standing within the… Read More
What is the story behind the cats you find scurrying around for scraps at your alfresco restaurant table in the Spanish city of Ronda? Read More
The Epic journey from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier Med, Morocco and the personal development process enlightening the author in the process. A personal story connecting to a larger story of the entrypoint of the mediterranean sea. It is a true story of personal power. Read More
It’s a story of a girl from Russia, Sasha, who arrived in bcn, Spain, after a tragic car accident which caused the death of her parents, decided to change her whole world. Her new life starts now… Read More

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An article about anarchism in theory and practise. Read More
Travelling alone and at a crossroads in her life, Harriet meets the enigmatic Naia in a Spanish hostel. Read More
“I really wanna kill him!!!” “Really and how?” “What you mean, how?” Jess looked at Stella and worried “look at you, babe, you are thin and he is big! Your fingers do not even strong enough to strangle him if you want to do that way!” ” I’ll catch him.… Read More
The Aztecs... One of the biggest and most advanced empires within the Mesoamerican kingdom. Its power stretched for over 80,000 square miles, through much of what is now central and southern Mexico. Their construction of by-far the biggest city within the empire, Tenochtitlan, built on Lake Texcoco was a huge… Read More
My final thoughts concerning the Confederate Flag, the use of symbolism as a powerful tool to convey ideas. A distinction between slavery and racism. Whether we should idolize the Confederate Flag as cultures have idolized objects before, and the dangers of doing so. Our belief system and a conclusion… Read More
A brief discussion and analysis of the Confederate flag, its symbolism and if it's appropriate to display today as a symbol of American pride as so many do without any knowledge behind its creation and what it represented, then and ultimately now. Read More
things start off funny and light hearted... but not for long. Simon is a typical teenager, grumpy, and not particularly wise. However, a holiday in Spain changes all of that, although not in a way that you might think. Read More
Home is anywhere you feel invigorated and complete. Read More
When your holiday goes wrong. Seriously wrong. Read More
The name Regina Viarum might ring a few bells for some. You could be thinking of the Appian Way in Italy: the ancient Roman road connecting the capital with the Mediterranean port of Brundisium, but no. On this occasion I’m referring to one of the most prestigious wineries (bodegas) in… Read More

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May 04, 2014

My relationship with Madrid Read More
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