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a young man brings himself to a town from his past for matters greater than himself. Read More

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Thriller/Suspense/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel. Copyright © 2017 by Alex Sharpe (About): Everything was fine... Just another fine day at the park - a day with the family, and our dog... But then it began. All of the sudden they were here, without a name, without warning. They roamed the Earth devastating anything… Read More
a man remembers his childhood. Read More

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September 01, 2016

Bailamos - We dance Read More
This is a spanish haiku that i wrote. Read More

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Es la historia de un hombre que vive deprimido por la repentina muerte de su esposa y una noche pierde el control sobre sus actos cometiendo el peor error de su vida. Read More
Story I wrote for English class. I'm thinking about someday expanding this into a full story, but this is all I have for now. Just a girl and her arrogant ghost. Read More
The Aztecs... One of the biggest and most advanced empires within the Mesoamerican kingdom. Its power stretched for over 80,000 square miles, through much of what is now central and southern Mexico. Their construction of by-far the biggest city within the empire, Tenochtitlan, built on Lake Texcoco was a huge… Read More

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June 16, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Learning Spanish in Los Angeles, CA. Read More
This is a poem that I wrote after delivering Christmas presents to a very poor Hispanic family. The images that I saw and the gratitude and joy that I saw within the families is something that had to be shared. With that said, I wrote this emotional, yet inspiring poem. Read More

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Another inspirational piece based off the same girl from Lavender. Read More
Juanita is tired of being her mother's translator. She is in high school and has better things to do with her time, such as acting in the school's musical. But when she finds out her mother is pregnant, that is the lost straw. She eventually ends up going to church… Read More

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September 25, 2014

A praise to beauty... In espanol and english Read More
Poesia para los hojos. Read More

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This was an essay I wrote for Spanish class... The prompt was begging for fanfiction, thus my first attempt at a fanfic in Spanish. This is one of the ways I wish "The Bridges of Madison County" had ended. It begins after Richard comes home, it is raining and the… Read More

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February 06, 2014

English and spanish. Native speakers of spanish, feel free to correct my grammar, I'm not fluent yet. Read More
A 14th century Spanish Knight finds forgiveness and redemption from a one time enemy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

She was so desperate; waiting for that strange mid-nite call. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"City of Gold" was inspired by the true story of Francisco Coronado, a 16th Century Spanish conquistador and his determined -- yet desperate -- search for undiscovered treasure in the American Southwest. Travel back in time more than 400 years as this army of explorers, driven by greed and a… Read More
Sterling Carson, a young squatter in Oakland, CA, falls in love... or so he thinks. Read More
Alexandra Beau-whitley and her best friend Georgia May Rowlins have it all in their empire. Both from wealthy important families, they have attended the private school, Dartmouth grammar, since the early years and best friends since year 7 and haven't been separated since. When she finally meets Jackson Herondale-Silver why… Read More
A girl falls in love with her best friend after years of friendship. Read More
The story of an Entity. Read More
Just a simple song. A bilingual song, that is. Read More
ok so some changes here 1. title change 2. plot change 3. general changes Read More
The memories of young Charles, and of his adventures upon the waters of the Caribbean and Spanish Main, where he meets and joins with the legendary Captain Skull. But, before his adventure even begins onboard the Skull Ship, he manages to fall madly in love with Lady Rebecca Armstrong, an… Read More
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