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A story about the leader of a pack of wolves, Fang, and a encounter with a man from ancient Sparta. Read More
A knight from the Crusades participates in a battle to the death with fifteen of the greatest warriors from history,all the while being observed by an alien audience. Read More
The last spartan left on planet harvest is lost, and cut off from all contact with the army, or marines that are still alive. This is how she survives and escapes. Read More
Review on the popular xbox game Halo: REACH Read More
I need help with choosing a type of character. Could ye help me? (READ description) Read More

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This is something i came up with a long time ago. I havent looked at it in ages, so there are probably some mistakes. im just looking for some constructive criticism. Read More
This was my first college essay. The prompt, if I recall, was to write a speech similar to Pericles' Funeral Oration; however, the twist was to deliver the speech to the people of Sparta as Sparta's general. It was a simple topic, and I bet you can see the inspiration… Read More
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