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This poem takes a slightly unusual symbolic turn, portraying the rain, or a storm, as a means of protection, comfort and peace. Instead of showing the sun as the typically welcoming symbol in Western literature, it is called "harsh," since, "in the light, my cloak is gone." One cannot hide… Read More

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October 20, 2012

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Essay on the ins and outs of the 112th Congress Read More
In this paper for Government class a genie grants the power to make one change in the structure, process or personnel of just one of the three branches; otherwise, this amazing new power is unlimited. Read More
Conversations can start off in a number of ways, but very few conversations that begin with a formal or informal greeting actually lead to a constructive discussion. It depends upon a number of factors, including the interest areas and compatibility of the speakers and also the objective of the conversation.… Read More
This is a whimsical look at some of human kinds percetion of life and death. It is perhaps an existential piece with an essential perspective. Some people find it humorous, some dark, some sad, and some see it as a view of the psychology of man. Read More
A simple essay on the importance of love. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

For class i had to write an essay request to the principal of michigan city high school to request a guest speaker for a writing class. i couldnt think of anyone, so i did my friend jake. if you read my short story 'how jake saved the earth' this is… Read More
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