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Another version of the Grimshade Chronicles. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

September 05, 2017

The next instalment of the short stories I have been writing. The young casters leave their home village and are set on the 2 day journey to the valley. That night they stop in the town of Litherstone where our main character meets someone. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jason Ridgey is a spellcaster at the Philistia Academy of Magic and Sorcery. He performs spells, creates magic circles, recites chants, and forms runes. What he doesn't know is that he isn't just any ordinary wizard at the academy. In fact, as the mysteries unfold, he must use his entire… Read More
BAD AT MAKING SUMMARIES When a war takes over six of the seven worlds four people are able to escape. They transform into their human forms but have been seperated. Now Tsuki and Ayi have to find their 'Friends' and get back to their world and stop this war before… Read More

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