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story will divert from canon and go in the direction i that i want to go in. it will be an on going story that i plan to keep going as long i can think of ideas. sometimes comes an event in peoples lives that influences them to make a… Read More
In 2003 MTV debuted a TV show about Spiderman. It followed the success of the films but it was criminally underrated and was overshadowed of the older Spider-man cartoon. The show was perfect since it had some dark tone with murder,blood and sex being some of the things showed. Unfortunately… Read More
A review of perhaps my favorite comic book of all time. Read More

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"Goblin World Arc": The pieces on the board are placed and now the Goblin can begin his plan to create his own new world Will Spidey be able to stop him, or will he become just another victim to the Goblin's plan? Nothing will be the same! This Fan Fiction… Read More
A simple essay about my hero. Read More

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Morlun is back for a rematch with Spider-man and is willing to do anything to get it. Sequel to Mary Jane: Trial by Fire. Read More
Woo hoo! numbero 3 OMG! Can't belive that people want me to make another one I feel loved! Read More
A mystrious man offers Mary Jane a chance to get her marriage back. I offered this story to Marvel and was quickly turned down. I want to know from you the fans did marvel make a mistake? Read More
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