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London, England, 1943 During the height of World War II, London spy Donald Richardson, a young spy, gets involved in a plot that threatens the United Kingdom. When his life is put in grave danger, he struggles to survive during the most tumultuous period in the nineteen forties. Read More
CREPES is a action/comedy spy web novel. The story centers around four young spies as they are reluctantly recruited into CREPES. CREPES has a bad reputation among the spy community as being a poorly run, poorly funded agency. In order to survive, they… Read More
The year is 2089 and a global increase of 2.6 degrees has destroyed every region of the United States - except the Northeast. To prevent further damage, the new government issues an ultimatum: Give us control of the power supply and receive a place in the Greenhouse.… Read More

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The kingdoms of Regal and Dremus are at war. The general of the regalia army, corrupted and ruthless against his foes, kills off many of their forces. In a panic the general of dremith army suggests assassination of the higher power. And the retaliation is brutal.. Read More

Short Story / Science Fiction

February 15, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Silo was a man who used to want thrills of life. He was a part of RexCo, a secret agency devoted to combating criminal organizations, but after various events and circumstances, he left with a strong feeling of enmity. Twenty years later, Silo thought his years in the spy… Read More
A mysterious man stalks the evening market, looking for the man who saved his life Read More
Melex is always known as a dull, anti-social boy with haunting pasts. Cordelia shines so bright and is a popular girl with an ability to turn every frown upside down. When these two worlds collide, Melex is bound to find out about the most tragic aspect of his life.… Read More
Jeremy Rodgers spent his childhood with his father, building up a reputation with many people, and not all of them the model sort. These reputations weren’t the kind he expected to carry on after he left the military until his new employer came to him about a new job.… Read More

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Jeremy Rodgers just starts to get himself away from his maternal family, his constant tormentors, when the ZSN sends him after something that makes their help necessary again. On top of that, he faces the old age of his grandmother and tolerating his in-laws for his wife, testing every… Read More

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Jeremy Rodgers spent most of his life without getting to involved with his mother's side of his family. But that all changed when he got a package in the mail. A package with something in it that made him get involved, before he lost his brother. North and South,… Read More

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There are three agency's in the test. Trojan Knights, Gray Eagle, and Phantom Bird. Each has 2 teams that are allowed into the test. Once selected they cannot chose to leave. Either your agency goes down and you with it, or you join another agency. Only one will succeed.… Read More

Book / Young Adult

June 19, 2017

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“Please. Calm down.” He rested a hand upon my shoulder and the tension in my hands eased slightly. “You wouldn’t understand. So, don’t you tell me to sit idly.” “You’re right I don’t understand. We haven’t laid eyes on each other in years, but I want to know.” I really… Read More
A world Famous Cellist makes a terrible error in judgement and it haunts her till the end of her life. A bitter sweet love story Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Who is the mysterious person that I have to find and who can I trust? It seems that everyone I meet is suspicious Read More
Spies This worlds filled with spies and none of us can deny. Even though we see and talk about them from time to time. We look at ourselves and realize We're just just like the other guy. We say no different from what they say. They do things and all… Read More

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A cross country trip on The Canadian to deliver a mysterious pendant. Read More

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Sandy, Bernie and Jay are best friends. They're funny, pretty and popular, the strange thing is that they're spies. What will happen when Jay falls for Trey, the bad boy of the school and the son of the head of SSG- secret spy girls? Read More
Story of Pakistan Armed Forces ( ISI ) trying to capture the most wanted man of Pakistan Read More
Nina Martinez is no stranger to death. But even she isn’t prepared for what’s in store for her when she moves to Alamande Beach. Upon her arrival, Nina soon finds herself in the midst of a brewing gang war. And the worst part? Everyone wants her dead. Tangled in a… Read More
Alice Gray, a secret agent during her mission encounters a man known as Derek Ruddick who proclaims he will do everything to get her to stand by his side this time. Alice struggles with his constant temptations, and will she eventually fall for this man that she has just met… Read More
Duke & Michel must rescue Michel’s family and Duke’s Premium Nibbles from the villainous Master but end up becoming pawns in a battle between the Master and King Tingaling, who is still royally riled over a portrait of him in a compromising position with a pineapple, a wad of cash… Read More
Look out Celopatra Jones and Foxy Brown, there's a new chick in town. This sister is six feet of chocolate dynamite and not to be played with. Quiana thought she had retired from the spy game but when her brother goes missing, she becomes a nightmare for the ones who… Read More
two agents screen a conference room and try to swing things to their side favour Read More
In a society where only half the population is human, shape-shifters fight for their right to belong. Their world is segregated, the races terrified of the chasm that separates their two societies. Shape-shifter Oceania is different and in a world that's fighting against itself because of their differences, being different… Read More

Poem / Young Adult

October 14, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Society ever so judgemental Read More
Gail has gotten herself into trouble again, when she finds herself running with the wrong people on the wrong side of town. Her boyfriend Kurt tries to pull her away, but Alexander a gang member of the San Crendo Gang pressures her to stay with her " family." Which side… Read More
The Kingdom of Galabara is known throughout the world for it's elite army and it's riches. For centuries their people have been living happily, and now the famous hero Erador of Elarka will embark on his final quest. All he has to do is investigate the mysterious goings on in… Read More
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