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A simple story of an old man whose time has come. Read More
What would it be like to face a life or death situation? What would you do if you were afraid of your own identity? This fox was once human or so he once believed. How will he live once he adapts to trust his natural instincts? And what does his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a song aimed for metal music, specifically for black/death metal. It is basicly a song about Hades, nothing to do with Greek mythology just to symbolize the underworld, who destroys human life in a way. Any comments are welcome and if you find any ways to improve the… Read More
Heather Summerall never knew what had happened in her hometown, in the very house that she bought. After moving in... odd noises, doors opening on their own, hands grabbing her, strange visions... She must find out who died there and what they want from her. Read More
Today's pentecostal churches have banned the Holy Spirit, from the altar. So many people leave the altar crying, with newly found salvation and the Holy Spirit is left waiting out in the cold. Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 20, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

The second of the three! I love all the endings in these.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My second poem ever...also written a year ago...actually most of this material I'm posting is... Read More
An orphan named Ivy wakes up in a cabin deep in the forest,With no clue how she got there.17 Year old Krain,Tries to explain to her how everything has changed.She will now face the new world she has woken up too,and live a life she thought only existed in fantasy… Read More
This poem was derived from a dream I had one night. I am a new struggling Christian and before sleep that I night I prayed for God to guide. Things in my life were becoming quite complicated and I needed help. One crucial aspect of the dream has been left… Read More
The powerful sky spirits are the only guardians that remain left in the world, watching over our lands to keep peace and protect us from the soul devouring night demons. When an ancient evil has been lying dormant for over 10 centuries, it is awoken by its loyal night demon… Read More
This is a novel written by two people (when you see "===") it's a change of writer. It follows the POV of Flint a teenage boy who's oblivious to the fact that he is the reincarnation of an elder god. His parents are soon murdered after he's taken in my… Read More

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May 16, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

People believed that a world without power is like a world without the living. As far as people believed it to be, but this is soon about to be changed in to remorse,… Read More
Two paranormal investigators travel to the Wolfe Manor building, a former sanitarium in City of Clovis, CA where they rouse the restless souls of patients long past... their awakening will prove to give them more than for what they originally bargained. Read More
A collection of short and scary pieces to read on a dark winter's night. Read More
I think it's just a matter of faith Read More
Angel has a protector, but is he who he says he is? *Avenge Sevenfold Fan Fiction *Short story, Jimmy The Rev* Thsi story was written for Mandi. Please enjoy! Completed. Read More
wherever peace is found. Read More
Echo is a girl or at least she was just a normal girl at one point but... that was a long long time ago. Right now she's struggling trying to fit into a world so different and new despite meeting new friendly and heart warming demons!? to support her including… Read More
One of the poems/art-From my published book "Lilies of the mind".I feel see the Holy flame inside me sometimes. I believe we are all part of the one Holy flame that is within us-may we all ever search and we will find ,the power of the Lord within burnes brightly… Read More
Everybody seems to get hooked by the word "freedom" and think that it's being denied to them, but on closer inspection, it's a privilege that has to be worked for. I explored the religious aspect one night and when I couldn't sleep for all the thoughts running around my head,… Read More
Experiencing human existence, human mortality, on my life's journey. Read More
The poems offer a snapshot of the author's thoughts and experiences during the early 1980s, having just graduated from university and qualifying as a teacher. Read More

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March 13, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

How sensuality is its own spirituality Freedom from dogma allows one to both embrace and release the physical self Read More
A simple piece of poetry that just flowed from me when I was in the process of writing another poem. It's funny how poems suddenly pop out of no where! Hope you enjoy it :) Read More
Holly Sarath never questioned her beliefs, ever. It was clear what the answer was at 14. Until her best friend died, and she begins to question where she may end up. Read More

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February 25, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

This is just me questioning really anything, which has caused some dramatic things to happen as of recently. This was written for a friend who has been considering many not so good choices, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Read More
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