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My opinion and thoughts on the paranormal based off true events. Read More
I had a dream upon the night of 10.16.2021 - 10.17.2021 and felt prompted to share. Read More
Mike is flying a late night charter and he's over Central Australia. What should be a routine radio call to Air Traffic Control has a totally unexpected, bizarre and near-fatal outcome. Read More
And continuing on . . . GHOSTS I have known. Read More
I am compiling data to write this long article/essay. I will be uploading this in installments. I only have a few hours in which to write, before my mini Maine Coon starts howling for me to pet him, feed him, make him feel like a King. The stories I am… Read More
Every year, in the old log cabin in the heart of the woods, a face appears at the window. A haunted face, illuminated by the light of the moon with the backdrop of the dark forest. It is the same story each year, the same cabin, woman, circumstances. But not… Read More
Several weeks after discovering the existence of siren behind the myth, Alice receives a letter from Phoenix under the care of Roy Kivan. Opening the letter, Roy told her of how he found a forgotten dusty old book in a basement written in a language that he couldn't understand and… Read More
just like the rest, but now, fully in the main plot. Read More
second part of A Glow Of Hope. If plot is not explained well, message me and ill explain in detail. Read More
Sam and Brady are out for their adventures after an intense and long start. (many plots in the beginning. evens out) I WILL POST NEW CHAPTERS DEPENDING ON READS AND WHO NEEDS THEM SO TELL ME WHEN YOUVE FINISHED READING THIS PART Read More
There is something about the polar regions that have drawn people ever since they were first discovered. Now you would think that it was relatively safe to venture beyond the arctic circle with modern equipment and technology. When old ways meet new though and cultures clash the outcome can be… Read More
A young man returning to his hometown revisits the shrine he came across as a child searching for the goddess that lived there Read More
Gerard knew that the spirits came to him, but he doesn't call them up. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Never alone means never alone. No one is alone. Read More
Did you ever wonder what Heaven was like? And what happens when we die? Do you want to go to heaven but not sure how? This book, radiates with resplendent glimpses of heaven, populated by angels and God himself. It gathers the choicest descriptions of the future home of the… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 30, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

In a magical forest that resides hidden from the rest of the world, Kat spends her days at her cottage, cultivating the world around her. Along with the idyllic setting and great company, what could go wrong? She soon learns that there is a malevolent force trying to strip the… Read More
This story, #1 of 2, introduces a spirit that came before other helper-spirits, and is one of the first in a long and diverse line, think Klabaytermann or Leprechaun, but way before them. Read More
This can be used for anyone who wishes . Whether it be used as a prayer before bed time, or even said throughout the day. It has helped me perk a lil bit out of some funks before and also while writing this. Doing something in your own similar words… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The article I wrote is based on the history of horrors that had taken place on a dark road in Yorktown, Virginia. It is known to be one of the most haunted roads in the state of Virginia, also sitting where multiple battles of the Revolutionary War and the American… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

i said i wouldn't write anything to do with the present pandemic situation, but this story has buzzed around my head for a while now. Each loss is always an individual tragedy, but one that humans have faced since we first emerged as a species. Not for the first time… Read More
Robert Christopher Cross has a memory of just five years. He knows nothing of his life before his brain surgery; and that's a good thing, otherwise he might find out who he really is... Read More

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Loved ones who have passed can visit us in dreams Read More
Painter Jack David wants to draw the best painting he ever produced, but he is all out of ideas. So he summons a door where he can finally get the idea of a lifetime. The Garden of the Dead, a spiritual realm that holds all the impurities in the world,… Read More
Some people are attracted by water, whether it's the restless churning of the sea or the sight and sound of a river winding gently through the countryside. There is something very deep within us that finds it a powerful draw. There are some who are closer to it than they… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An account of a spiritual visitation that was intended for another. Read More
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