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This book is about the spiritual background of some of the events of our world and why they are happening during the challenging time of transition from one age to the other. Part eight concentrates on the spiritual background of the 2019/2020 pandemic, as well as the troublemakers who brought… Read More
This is the so far final part of 'Our World In Transition', a concentrated version of 'Looking At The Year 2020'. It is the year in which the greatest healing miracle of all times that was ever experienced on the Earth is taking place and every one of us is… Read More
First of four meanings in a deck of cards, Spades.. Read More
-A Poetic Story About Today's Reality- Read More
Short story about my experiences using Psilocybin mushrooms and the effects it has had on me as an individual. Read More
When the world is divided into factions and fractions, there is only two causes of this. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Each of these claim to be correct, but both cannot be. This message is a timely one that will either get you blood to boil or set you… Read More
The Aquarian age is the age in which honesty and truth will gradually establish themselves as our world’s true ruling principles. This book celebrates the return of the Great Mother’s love, wisdom and truth. For a long time it has been waiting to flow into ever more human hearts and… Read More
Behold comes in two contexts. One is an exclamation and the other as in remembrance. During this Christmas season, what is your "beholder" beholding? Read More
created high magi by the works of the devil or a group of devils Read More
Ron travels life apart locations in senses than in distances to be enlightened about the spiritual fact that God has an unfailing plan for each of us. His attached cousin Paz goes missing and after a span of many years he rediscovers a reincarnated Paz who knows of him no… Read More

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October 23, 2020

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What Can I Do For You Today, God (poem) Read More
I hope this makes you feel better Read More
A boy, fed up of his situation, decides to end his life. Caught in a mess due to circumstances, he lost all his mirth, love and respect among his family. At some point in our life, most of us suffer these kind of fate. What do we do then? Read More
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