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This is my story about my wish to be a priest and the thoughts and journey I had it is a story of failure, disappointment and not being accepted It is a story of Survival and Where is God in all this? Read More
A free gift is given to a town to save them, but some of them refuse to accept it. Read More
A short quick story I wrote up as a writing exercise. Enjoy! Read More

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It's no secret that many “Christians” are sexually repressed. I think the bigger issue though is their habitual sweeping of sex under the rug. Little good can be said of the legacy of abuse and sexual dysfunction they left us. If we now live in a modern Sodom, before the… Read More
The Anointed One is the story of Seth Paine, founder of the Village of Lake Zurich. Seth’s story evolves against a backdrop of cross-country migration and change from 1816-1872. Born in Vermont, Seth headed west to Chicago with a dream to make a name for himself and seize new opportunities.… Read More
I was diagnosed with bipolar at thirteen, major depressive disorder (classified: severe), and generalized anxiety disorder at around twenty. I’ve functionally cured my depression in that it is no longer something that disables me. I don’t live with depression. Depression lives with me. This is how I did it. The… Read More
I suppose I still identify with the barbarian hordes who invaded Rome -- oh, not really, not with any racial overtones. But to me they were ruined by their invasions, they caught the disease of the Roman Empire and lost their feel for mother earth. But neverthelss I can't control… Read More
A scandal is defined as an action or event that is regarded as morally wrong and which causes general public outrage. Since morality is inherently subjective, however, and changes from generation to generation, country to country, and even from state to state, that which is considered scandalous, in one place,… Read More
That which is omnipresent can only be seen in the moments we live! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Inversion explores the inverted perception of girl-love in the modern era, and the resulting persecution of girl-lovers, through the eyes of a curious adolescent. Read More
“The Great Shift is upon us, but most people aren’t going to make it. Those who do will become the founders of a radically different society and an altogether new way of living and relating to one another, in perfect harmony with nature.” Kyle and Katie (hosts), featuring Jay Dolan.… Read More
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