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Many ordinary sane people have run marathons. Through a combination of circumstances, Mike found himself standing on the starting line of his first marathon having done almost no training! Don't try this! Just read and feel the pain! Read More
**Finished** Alisha Scott is a girl who never been interested in relationships and no one knows why. she so bad that she hates guys even touching her. When her best friend, Rachel forces a make over upon her she starts to open up about her past. Damon Stanley is a… Read More
This is a short story of a Tennis coach who changed my life upside down during the 8 years that he was my coach. Tough story to handle.. Read More

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To be continued!! This is an autobiographical piece of my junior wimbledon experience. Although conveyed in an elaborated manner, the content is non-fictional! I really did get the chance to play junior wimbledon when I was 13. Any feed back would be brilliant :) Read More
A poem I wrote in school. We got told to write about a game - sport etc. for Poetry Day. By the way, this poem is not from personal experience. I have never been bullied and (touch wood) never will be :) Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 11, 2011

I originally wrote this in the build up to the Sydney Olympics. Enjoy. Read More
ALL ABOUT ME My name is Jamal and I am 10 years old. I have two brothers and two sisters. There names are Naima, Abdalla, Nur and Sara. I like Abdalla the best and Sara. My favourite sport is basketball. I like it so much. My best foods are lasagne,… Read More
The sports bra is an ultimate solution of these problems. These are best for the physical activities. Read More

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Eamon is so desperate to make his district basketball team that basketball has taken over his life. He is so focussed on his goal that he is starting to neglect the people in his life, most importantly his best mate! Will his obsession be the end of his friendship? Read More
A little piece on the sectarianism in Scottish football Read More
Rookies into Pros Read More

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Playing sports allow children to learn multiple life lessons. Read More

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Basketball players have some off-court fun. Read More
A song about how even though they might be annoying habits make a person them x Read More
The life and times of the greatest footballer ever, what he means to the people of the world. Read More
A young girl by the name of Mirical rides her horse Cobolt and wins! Read More

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May 10, 2010

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Describing challenges of life through american football :) Read More

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Alex is a tomboy. A boy fitted inside a girls body, as most of her school thinks. A proud feminist who scorns at those girlish things such as lipstick and skirts, she devotes her life to football, and that is that. She decided that she will remain forever free, refusing… Read More
So. This is a journal, didn't see one on the publish bar, so I don't care, it's a journal. Ok. So today, at college, Me, Jamie, Marcus and James were outside to smoke and stuff. Well....'s been snowing alot recently, and there's still alot of snow lying around, so… Read More
Geelong and Saint Kilda played in the 2009 AFL Toyota Grand Final yesterday and here is the best review of it you'll get! Read More
its not an article about the tennis matches like Wimbledon or anything...its a comparison article of ordinary life to a tennis match Read More

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The story of a football player facing his nemesis in the most crucial game of the season. Read More

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January 18, 2009

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The words of a captain to his team, preceding what was to be the biggest battle of their rugby season. Read More
When training for the 1992 Olympics (High Board Diving), I moved to London to be coached by a former diving World Champion. However I quickly ran out of money. The following story details how through persistence and doggedness I landed a prime job and was able to complete my training. Read More
An article on the state of Australian rugby Read More

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September 01, 2008

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A series of product ideas presented in a near world context. Read More
The final heat of a skateboarding competition. Read More

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Well it's a poem, and it's really's hard to find the right words but like all my poems, it's real. It's based on real events and everything. Enjoy ^.^ Read More
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