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Following the events of the United Strikers, Ancient War General Zhide returned to the modern world,finding everything around him new and unexplained.With the help of Draco,General Zhide returned to China where he joined a government organization,the A.D.E.I who has a squad of superhumans in their command,protecting Asia from threats. Katashi,a… Read More
How do you spice up a long-term relationship? Role playing can help. But not everyone is good at it. Certainly not as good as Zara: who will be spending time in a Las Vegas casino as a ruthless Russian spy. And - when not killing people - spies also indulge… Read More
- Are you sure that I am going to be your spy in the USA? - Any person in the USA is already a spy in a sense, - the lieutenant Colonel of the Federal Security Service of Russia said. - But since you invest in this word the specific… Read More
These are the deleted scenes from my novel, Two Different Yet Similar Worlds. It must be read to understand these scenes. They are some parts I think are unnecessary to my plots are make the chapters far too long for my liking. Hope you enjoy them. Read More
a undercover agent, who is found of girls has went to complete a mission where he meets two girls. this story is about how he used them both to complete his mission, with whom he starts the relationship? Read More

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The Abandoned House

He was a world-class spy with numerous movies and books based off his exploits and now he faces he toughs challenge yet. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Choices are sometimes made to please the emotions at the expense of the greater good. This little story might say why. Read More
He is being pursued. Who is following him and why? What is going to happen to him now? Read More

Tags: escape, spy, pursuit

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The Short Story House

Alton grabbed his wallet, the folder and a 1962 Model 27 revolver which he stuffed into his waistband and covered with his brown bowling jersey. He had three days to make his way across the United States undetected. Read More
A story about a spy. Read More

Tags: spy

Most stories about the spy game don't turn out like this one, Thank God! But some dreams do. Read More

Tags: phone, spy, starbucks, uber

Sam, Aubrey, Phoebe, Linsey- A new name, a new identity. She's part of an organization of agents. Going off script is a risk. But it's a risk she's willing to take. Not for him, for herself. He was just the final push she needed. Read More
‘None of us know what’s going on, Ward. That’s the truth of it, but my gut tells me something’s afoot. What do you say? Fancy a crack at it?’ ‘Do I have a choice?’ asked Ward. ‘None at all,’ said the Chief briskly. A year on from the Catfish affair,… Read More

Book / Thrillers

November 20, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

MIKE WARD IS BACK... …but now he is in England and stuck behind a desk for MI6. When he gets the call to the Chief’s office, he thinks it’s just a routine performance assessment; within twenty-four hours he’s in America on the trail of Lucas Grant, multi-millionaire, telecommunications businessman and… Read More
The polite, cultured, educated voice sent a chill through Ward. He recoiled at the sound of it, pushed back into his pillow like a man who had to get away from an approaching fire. He struggled to make sense of it all. ‘What in God’s name is going on?’ ‘Just… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Successful novelist Mike ward has had enough of England and decides to live abroad for a couple of years – to sever himself from his troubles and write a new book. Yet when he gets to his chosen paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, he finds himself drawn… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When a young girl's father was murdered by an assassin, 14 years old Anna wanted to know who killed her father. But the murderer isn't who she think it is. After several years of hard training, she was enrolled in a world renowned Spy company, HSA, in Budapest. With her… Read More
Liz loves her job, really she does, but sometimes the journey to get there... and the work... and everything about it just sucks. She's always wanted someone to spice up her life but she didn't expect an international spy gone rogue to do the trick. Witty, action-packed, and written… Read More
This is a short story about a spy who had destroyed the philanthropy in himself and had a bad fate. Read More

Tags: ignorance, dust, spy

A teenage spy who can change her appearance at a moment's notice, and play games with governments, finds herself in the middle of deadly corporate coup. Read More

Tags: spy, young-adult

The year is 2089 and a global increase of 2.6 degrees has destroyed every region of the United States - except the Northeast. To prevent further damage, the new government issues an ultimatum: Give us control of the power supply and receive a place in the Greenhouse.… Read More
In honour of Jim Prideaux, an agent abandoned by his country. Read More
He seems to be a dangerous man. Is he working for the Russians? Is he going to kill them all? Read More

Tags: love, fear, church, spy

The story of a Russian named Ivan Kharkov who escapes from Russia to save himself only to find himself stranded and with only one arrogant person who could help who calls himself tom becuse he is a fan of tom cruise and has a dark past of his own… Read More

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The Review Chain House

Two twins, one suffering from a dreaded, & debilitating desease, a silent killer which sneaks up on it's victims quietly, & then spells carnage for the victim & their family! Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

January 15, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

All Wallis Bailey had wanted was answers about the deaths of two siblings, but upon stealing a file about Eloise Bailey, Wallis has fallen into the rabbit-hole and is seeing the insidious side of the cooperation Wallis has spent a long time working for. With no friends to lend… Read More

Tags: mystery, action, spy

Book / Romance

December 13, 2017

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The Christian Writers House

Psychology- The study of the mind... Just for to remind... Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 06, 2017

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