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Dr. Yes is an Evil Genius that wants world domination and does anything to get it. His parents were killed when he became an adult and he hopefully one day he will find who is responsible for this matter. He has friend and his second in command that he met… Read More
Lucas Grant, MI6 deputy chief inspector, is called to Corfu to investigate the apparently accidental death of a counterintelligence agent who had been infiltrating a covert group of KGB insurgents in Albania. Landing on the unfamiliar island, Grant enlists the help of the local field agent - the dead man's… Read More
Peter Craig's first lessons in espionage begin in Rome, where he is seconded by S.3 - the Special Security Service - with orders to investigate leaks from the British embassy to the KGB, one of which has already resulted in the assassination of an MI6 agent. Using his cover as… Read More
Overseas police adviser Peter Craig's stopover in Lisbon was supposed to be a social call to see an old friend, the head of the Portuguese CID. Calling in at the British Embassy to declare his visit, Craig is talked into investigating the disappearance of the Defence Attaché’s maverick socialite daughter,… Read More
The 'Adventures of the Seas' cruise ship is sailing the Mediterranean for 4 nights. On board, a terrorist group is planning a conspiracy against the President. Agent K is hired to undercover for the President and spy on the terrorist group. With a threat to blow up the whole ship,… Read More
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