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I wish there was a modern day Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Take Donnie Trump to the bank, clean him out and jack up that weird hairdo, you know it be hiding from him at night, under the bed, and laughing at him. I… Read More
My hidden self and the way people see me. Is this good enough to enter in a contest? Please don't copy-right! Please! Read More
Andy, Shaun and Bradie are all part of an up and coming band called Short Stack. Along the way of building up their fan base they meet Emma, Maria, Collette, Ivy, Chloe, Tiffany, Sam, Monique, Krystal, Sinj, JumpNow, Sonny, Luke, Jimmy and Lewis. Read More

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(Not a Short stack fan fiction, but some of the characters are based on them. so if you like Short Stack, please read) Life isn't easy, and when bad things happen and you're knocked to the ground, who is there to help you back up? When Rubi Denton gets the… Read More
This is a short stack fan fiction, but if you ignore the band content, it is ultimately just a love story. Ssteph has known Andy clemmensen for as long as she can remember, that comes with him being your brothers best friend, but things go downhill for her when she… Read More
Brooke is a misplaced, out of the ordinary girl. She moves states to get away from the dramas in her life. But when she meets Andy Clemmensen, national rock-star, what other dramas will she encounter? Read More
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