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once upon a time there lived a stag in a dense day ,he went to a nearby lake to quench his thirst.there he saw the reflection of himself in the water and thought to himself"i have got beautiful antlers but my legs are ugly.i can't understand,why god has given… Read More

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February 13, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

An encounter with a stag. Read More
Every oneknows who Lilly and James Potter are 9especially if you love J.K.Rowling's books0 if you dont then keep reading. james and Lilly are harry Potters parents that died at the hands of Voldemort himelf. Harry is the Boy ho lived but what made his parents get together in the… Read More
The ancient Celts had a name for the elusive, watery hours, after moonset but before sunrise, when the world is cool and fresh and furtive. They called it the time-between-times, neither night nor day, and they believed that it held special powers. During this time more than any other, our… Read More
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