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There is nothing scarier than the feeling of being followed home after work at 2 AM. Nothing scarier that is than a clown following you home at 2 AM. In part 1 Katie thought she saw a clown inside her workplace just after closing up. She never that what she… Read More
Roman's Empire is a series of journal entries authored by a young lad by the name of Roman Evans. He is an odd fellow that struggles socially and is haunted by a dark secret that he can't even seem to remember. As he silently falls in love with a… Read More

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There's a figure from my past... (A piece from my book Noir) Read More
I never thought I'd find myself living in a world where it isn't safe to love. Read More

Poem / Other

November 01, 2017

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Anshi is a regular young girl. She teaches in a high school. She meets a man Rajiv in a fancy-dress party and flirts with him. From next day she starts getting messages from this new admirer of her. What happens next? Read to find out. Read More
“An American has no sense of privacy. He does not know what it means. There is no such thing in the country.” – Bernard Shaw Read More

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“Fucking creep!” Someone across the street yelled from the darkness. I was so lost in her skin that I didn’t hear it and instead decided to rush inside, eagerly licking my lips and dropping my warm cigarette to the sidewalk. I'm a new writer so I'm sorry… Read More
A stalker is a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. Michael was a stalker. He was… Read More

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Inspired by scary movies Read More
Something strange is going on in this small little neighborhood, who is this Mr. Jones? Do you know who this Mr. Jones is? Have you ever met this man? If you have met him RUN!! WARNING: Some things in story are not suitable for children, Strong Language and torture parts Read More
Jeremy has a teenage girl stalking him and decides to confront her one day. Things don't go as planned and he finds himself 'dating' her after making a deal. Read More
Flash fiction for the 2017 competition based on the picture @ Read More
“NEWS ALERT: There have been lots of reports of kidnappings, and stalking. Please, stay inside. If you are 18 and under, don’t go outside alone…” The kidnappings and stalkings can’t really that bad, I mean, I might as well just go ahead and head outside to the park. The threat… Read More
Anna is a seventeen year old girl who lives in a beautiful town. What would happen if she is kidnapped by a monster who loved her very much, Christopher. Read More
A teacher becomes obsessed with a female student of his, and resorts to extremely drastic measures in his attempts to obtain her. Read More
In this world, there are two kinds of monsters. The ones that do the evil deeds, and the ones that stand by and let it happen. There was something that could have been done for Tyler Cain, but she was trapped with both monsters on either side. Read More
18 year old Isabelle had always wondered why her parents chose to leave her. She always thought it was because they, as parents, weren't ready to have a child, but she would soon find out the truth was more sinister than she imagined. After finding out that Isabelle not only… Read More
Inspired by True Events about powerful government agencies influencing the environment we live in to keep themselves in power. Not recommended for people who still believe their vote means something. Read More

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September 08, 2015

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Claire Adams doesn't know what she has coming for her during her seventeenth year. It all starts when the sexy, mysterious, new student Aaron Safford comes to town. While Claire feels Aaron is keeping a secret from her--a secret that can put them BOTH in danger--she feels like she is… Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

September 01, 2015

Will Harris thinks a girl named Cass is watching his every move. He is convinced that she is a creepy stalker. And then one day, he sees a book with the name "Cass Dyer" on it. Read More
He should fucking know better! Read More
Christopher McKenzie and Jason Tarrence are best friends, and have been since they were young. But soon Christopher notices how strange Jason acts around his teacher, Miss Kidson. Is there something more sinister going on? Read More
Another WIP - I'll just leave this here for a bit - apologies if I'm teasing you ;) Read More

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August 31, 2014

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Sally Frost always wanted a boyfriend. Every time she sees a happy couple laughing and holding hands, she becomes jealous. So one day, she logged onto a dating on her laptop to find “the one”. When she met the handsome Morgan, she started falling for him. But then he asked… Read More
Timothy, a 16 year-old boy, wakes up in the middle of nowhere with no recollection how he got there. He remembers being stalked. He remembers people dying. He remembers the face of Nicky the killer clown. And Nicky wants to have some fun "One-two, I'm coming for you Three-four, better… Read More

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Charlotte Park was a normal girl who had just started sixth form. She found that her new teacher, Mr Windsor, wasn't the laid-back, cool guy everyone told her he was. In fact, he seemed a little... obsessive? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Story of a stalking Read More
I could feel him looking in my window. Read More
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