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November 10, 2018

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A girl is finding a way to deal with the loss of her mother. Read More
Kay is a lost girl, who has just had enough with everything in her life. She feels no need to keep on living. Shes standing over a bridge ready to jump down to her death. She begans to think, what could happen for her to not want this for herself.… Read More
Once upon a time-oh, dear, scratch that. I think you've already heard of that first-liner. Hmmm, how about this- There once lived a very quiet- No, that won't do. Here, I've got it: In the wolf-ridden forests, there will never be a chance for the girl with the red hoodie… Read More
Read and find out. Read More
Am I the only one who read Romeo and Juliet and got totally depressed? This isn't supposed to impersonate Shakespeare, it's just so something linked to Romeo and Juliet has a happy ending. Read More
its not really about vampires.more like a story about a witch and a this story is for teenagers and no children are allowed to read this. Read More
Something that I came a cross that I wrote a while back. Though it would be good for everyone. Read More
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