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This was originally just an email to a family member, but I've since taken freedom to create a more robust and thorough alternate film version. Of course I've only seen The Last Jedi once, when it first came out in theaters, and it's doubtful I'll ever watch it again, so… Read More

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November 15, 2019

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The MyFanfic House

This is my fanfiction for Kylo Ren/OC. It is a fanfiction written for my friend Anyone can read this but it is not recommended. :-D (I do not own any of the Star Wars Characters) Read More
I decided to rewatch every major star wars movie because of a few limitations and not in order releases as I fell I missed/forgot some details. Using this situation as background, I decided to record each view with a minor review. Don't expect something full of details or major opinion… Read More
Peace has reigned in Moorbia, due primarily to the tireless efforts of NOVA, the international body set up to arbitrate disputes. It has kept the peace for many decades and has avoided several major conflicts. But it has been a strained peace, like the calm before a storm, like a… Read More
The Truce of Abradia began to unravel the day it was ratified. Within fifty years of its existence, it was a faint memory in the old minds of those who were alive during its creation. A brief respite after several hundred years of constant war, the truce, only provided a… Read More
Peace has reigned in Moorbia, due primarily to the tireless efforts of NOVA, the international body set up to arbitrate disputes. It has kept the peace for many decades and has avoided several major conflicts. But it has been a strained peace, like the calm before a storm, like a… Read More
Everyone thought that users of the Force was a thing of the past, but Queen Adorna knows her daughter Reina will be a great Jedi one day. Meanwhile, Reina's childhood friend Bennett also has powers of the Force but on the opposite side. What will happen when the two fall… Read More
This is a short story written by myself in December 2017 after viewing Star Wars: The last Jedi. This is not cannon and should not be taken as true facts. Enjoy! Read More

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A series of stories in the spirit of Walter Mitty. Read More
slave leia organa meets her humiliating demise. Read More
Part II of the Requiem Trilogy As a result of the Kaiser's deception, the Authority is in chaos as thousands of innocent life forms are massacred by the Authoritarian Army. Meanwhile, on the desert planet of Tatooine, Damien Antilles finds his daughter missing after the Authority takes her to… Read More
This is part one of the three-part Requiem Trilogy. The Galactic Republic fell in 19 BBY. in 4 ABY, the Empire unofficially collapsed. 30 years later, the main governing body of the galaxy was The New Republic. In 35 ABY, the First Order fired their weapon at Starkiller Base,… Read More

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

A battle between good and evil takes a surprising turn. Sequel to GREATER LOVE, ETERNITY, and NEAR DEATH. Continues in AND NOW ABIDETH, THE FORCE, and ENEMY. Read More
This is a weekly upload of star wars fan ficion, hopefully you all will enjoy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A padawan of Luke Skywalker flees from Ben Solo and searches for his friends. Read More

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This is a Fanfic is written AFTER “The Last Jedi” Read More
In this Blue Exorcist and Star Wars crossover, young child named Rin Okumura has always wanted to become a jedi like his brother Yukio, now he has the chance to become a Jedi, but when Amaimon is having him for his own agenda and sending him to the dark… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Was it any good? Well I have some answers. No Spoilers! The prequels? They any good? Maybe. Come in and I'll try to explain. Read More
"The Fool" carries on from where "The Golden Son" left off. As the third and final book in the "A Jester's Tear" trilogy, all will be revealed, including the long, dark history of the mysterious Firebird, and the secret society of Cashi nobles who once sought to bring about its… Read More
One year after the Eternal Empires and the Sith Empires team up and the attack the Enclave of the Jedi's base, the New Republic is in peril. Luke and Leia are failing at keeping the half dead Jedi Council together and the capital of the New Republic is under attack.… Read More
Following where we left off in the first part of the "A Jester's Tear" trilogy, "The Golden Son" finds our gentle Fool Milo and his little Revellan friends Rolaf and Reelay still lost in the heart of the dangerous Lothian Jungle, having just escaped the dark and murky ruins of… Read More
Short story I wrote from a writing prompt a couple of years ago. It's essentially a "what if" on if "World Wars" movies were released in the Star Wars universe. I'm not sure how to better explain it, other than that Read More

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In the north, in the Kingdom of Aurnia, a plague is spreading. Illness and disease are running rampant, and the people are becoming something unnatural. Darragh, the young Prince from the south, fears that he brought this awful curse with him from his homeland when he left Cashel, in an… Read More
The Alliance between the Jedi and Sith is shaky, Arcann is growing stronger and 5 young 16 year old jedi known as Alex, Lily, Brianna, Shawn and Cody are in need of hope. After a visit from Arven, Scarzon and Antonio Sestral they reveal a secret Enclave of Jedi that… Read More
Members of the Jedi Order are called Jedi Knights. They are well-educated people such as: teachers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, physicians, diplomats and warriors, who value knowledge and wisdom above nationality. Luke was an important figure in the Rebel Alliance's struggle against the Galactic Empire. Read More
Based on the recent Star Wars: Battlefront video game universe, this unfinished script is for a pilot episode intended to develop into a full series. The story follows an ensemble cast of both rebels & imperials and explores their personal motivations and struggles that are often left untouched by the… Read More
The final days of the Grand Army of the Republic see the 442nd Siege Battalion face Recurring Droid forces in their planetary wide invasion of Cato-Nemodia. Clone Commander Doom and Jedi General Plo-Koon fight off the Droid resistance until order 66 is called upon. Read More
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