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The Booksie Classic House

The Donahues reawakens for part 3, in this Star Wars parody and re-introduction to the famed Donahues family. Read More

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September 17, 2015

SWTOR-FanFic. 10 Jahre nach dem Vertrag von Coruscant und ein Jahr vor den Ereignissen des ersten Akts wird ein Padawan am Ende ihrer Ausbildung gemeinsam mit ihrem Meister auf eine Mission nach Yavin IV geschickt. Bei der Ankunft geraten sie unter Beschuss, ab da geht es abwärts. Read More
The planet Utopia is everything its name suggests - a world of incomparable beauty and leisure. An adult playground on a planetary scale. What the travel brochures do not tell of is that there is a very dark side to paradise. Utopia is a world of shattered dreams with a… Read More
After a traumatic event on the ship "Iron Star" Gavin Sarkin is taken in by the Jedi Master Ki'Waak and his padawan, Skye Lopez. Five years later, when Skye fails her final test to become a true Jedi, she leaves the Temple and is deemed, Rogue. Master Ki'Waak and Gavin… Read More

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April 12, 2015

A collection of quotes that I like from books, films, actors, actresses, musicians and a variety of other people. James Edgar Cooper has a variety of inspirational quotes on his profile that I highly recommend you read. Read More
The year is 2283. Though more than a quarter-century has passed since the end of the last war, the Galactic Confederation is still busy picking up the pieces. Whole sectors of the galaxy remain lawless, rife with corruption and greed. The criminal element has a well-established foothold on these sectors.… Read More
From my blog, a fanboys take on one of the greatest controversies of the last forty years. Read More
This is a story that I've been working on, it happens within the Star Wars universe, in the old republic era. This part is about a boy named Braffeb, he is the son of farmers on the planet Alderaan, and one day things take turns and in a single day… Read More
The first part in The Chronicles of Jivius, it has reference to both the series of stories that will go before it and the ones after, I hope you enjoy reading it, this version is just short of 8000 words Read More
This fan fiction of Star Wars is about 3 different background stories that led to the creation of a group called The Callistraian Order. An Order issued to wipe out the Sith. ~The first 3 chapters consist of the 3 different background stories~ Read More
a script series about Andrew Sob. He is a person that can be kind of jerk. Everything always seems to go wrong for Andrew, and he loses his temper when things do. His girlfriend Heather, keeps him grounded, however she can't stop all of his jerkface behavior. Andrew also Has… Read More
Vi befinner oss år 2012. Det har precis börjat en ny medlem i Tony-teamet vid namn Gregor Samsa, men när de visar honom runt i staden hittar de pusselbitar som såsmåningom leder dem till ett stort äventyr. Read More
After the destruction of the Death Star and Imperial leadership. A rogue jedi begins his dangerous ambition in the criminal underworld with his young friend. Read More

Tags: sci_fi, star_wars

After the destruction of the Death Star and Imperial leadership. A small group of Imperial troopers are escaping capture from the Rebel Alliance on the Endor moon. Read More

Tags: sci_fi, star_wars

After the destruction of the Death Star and Imperial leadership. A man who was forced into the ranks of the Imperial army to fight decides to return home. Read More
This is a fan fiction short story i wrote as a back story for a character i am cosplaying for new york comic con 2013. Read More
A short tale for convention goers. Don't always believe what the dust cover tells you. Some stigmas are a little unfair! They're quick to be labled nerds but all seem very content and happy. There's a lesson there somewhere! Read More
This is my thoughtful (and apparently sexist) analysis of a debate that has been plaguing American society for decades. An issue that breeds a contention that has only been intensified since the dawn of the internet. That's right, what else could it be but Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Read More
We are not alone in the galaxy, but soon we will be. The greatest civilizations in the Galaxy are disappearing without a trace. The future history of our Galaxy has been irrevocably changed. This is the world Xin wakes up to. Xin, an alien probe of immense power has been… Read More
The Twelve chronicles the rise and fall of the architects of the Universe that were brought into being and endowed with power by Aeon The Creator and Lord of the Universe. The Twelve also deals heavily with the gods of the planet Merridia, largely Black Dawn; as well as the… Read More
It has been a while since a true ruler of the Mandolarian has risen. Here is accounted the story of a leader of a Mandalorian clan who is dedicated to making sure that when the ruler rises, his clan will be ready to follow and serve. Read More
This is the story of a Padawan by the Name of Cole Sage. Read More
Type: Fan Fiction Universe: Star Wars: The Old Republic Length: Novella Tomi signed up with the Balmorran Resistance to drive the Empire from his home, but he never imagined what faced him in the trenches around Verdin Palace. Set during the last hours of Balmorra’s freedom before the Treaty of… Read More
In the past humans have been taken away from Earth by a technologically advance alien race, after centuries living away from their brothers on Earth they decide to return in the present days to retake their home planet from the unaware earthlings. Against their technology we stand no chance, our… Read More
Have you ever felt like your life has gone utterly wrong? That somehow your always causing trouble and yet, someow, it's not your fault? Now imagine that, but your a Wookie who causes mayhem on an intergalactic scale. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The things that Jonah had once seen in comic books and on the screen of television are now no longer fantasy- but reality. That includes villains, although the heroes are there to help the last of the humans- and bring the dormant human ectoplasms back to life. But some of… Read More
A look at the outstanding progress of the human race in just 100 years - and a look at what the future may hold for this mostly harmless species on this green and blue planet in the unpopular western spiral arm of the universe... Read More
This novel is about a male character called Galak Darkmoon. It is set in the old republic (star wars) where Galak lives on the planet Ilum, a peaceful planet known by few people, it is where jedi can go to quest for lightsaber crystals. Small settlements of jedi live on… Read More
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