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Suicide and bullying in go hand and hand especially in young adults...I talk about it because one it brings awareness and two because I have been there. Read More
As we have now passed 7 billion in our world's population, it's a wonder whether or not the 1 in a million is still possible... or are they all on vacation... Read More
Iraqi security officers were very helpful, professional and respectful to all mourners. On Monday, at least 28 people were killed and 78 wounded in a wave of bomb attacks in central Iraq against mourners. I Ajmal Mehdi condemns in the strongest terms by volunteering my time in Karbala for help… Read More
A short write up on my past education, and where college finally makes sence to me. Read More

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Current statistics reveal that more marriages end in divorce than succeed. And of the couples who are married, how many can say they are truly happy in their marriage? So why do we do it--the mating game, that is? Read More
When my life was spiraling downward, I wrote this poem for my daughter. My hope hope was that it would be given to her should anything ever happen to me. When Talk show host Don Imus referred to Black females at Rutgers as Nappy headed Ho's, these words came to… Read More
Behind every heartbreaking fact, there is a hurting person. **These poems are not about myself. They are about someone I am close to, and all of my poetry about abuse is dedicated to her. Read More
A Bunch of awesome facts that I picked up from conversation and various websites. Read More

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