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October 22, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

"Kill them all".sounded in Alyra's head, but wait wasn't she supposed to be the hero. Why should she be the one to kill her friends, but more importantly why does she want to? Alyras choice was simple, end the world, or allow a demon of madness to torment her people… Read More
I am doing a 30 day flash fiction challenge in an attempt to improve my writing. This is the second day and the second story. This was my attempt at a steampunk setting. You should know that all of my steampunk knowledge comes for the brief google search I did… Read More

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"Ari is too funny, throwing a pillow at a ghost! XD Also her hammer is cuter badass! :D I think you did a great job with a steam punk theme, and ..." Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

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"This is quite the deep story, especially the final line. An interesting way to characterize time and the belief that theres an overall plan (lik..." Read More

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August 25, 2018

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The The Imaginarium House

Just suppose Queen Victoria abdicated? Just suppose her only child, a daughter also named Victoria, came to the British throne. Would she settle into the task? Would she have to resign from the British Secret Service? That's right Queen Victoria the Second works for British Intelligence as a spy… Read More

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"Interesting read. I love the George Washington quote and the other historical tie-bits mixed in with this read. Reminds me of JFK’s shooter wh..." Read More

In a world in which the stars shine and illuminate the black canvas. A dark secret lurks beyond these stars and into worlds in which humans are unfamiliar with. Worlds in which the stars not only shine but burn. Burn not of flame but of anger and vengeance. It… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Some song lyrics I wrote one day, just for a laugh. I don't have any musical talent so it's not much of a song at this stage :-) Read More
Wipe the Dust is an experimental piece of Western Steampunk Fantasy. It started on Twitter with this paragraph “It’s so strange...” she mused. “To finally arrive, to have the answer, only to learn that everyone knows it, yet doesn’t want to hear it.” He shook his head,… Read More
Great tales are often told of heroes who overcome diversity, challenges, and even their own faults, heroes aren't born they have greatness thrust upon them, tasked with an epic journey that will change them, see them grow, or destroy them before the are left with nothing but their own… Read More
Vesper, a girl who knows nothing more than rural farm life, is faced with a decision. Follow or defy her fate. When her path crosses that of Captain James the Blackheart of the Nightingales Lament, she is faced with a world of wild airship pirates, heathens, blood thirsty monarchs,… Read More
For decades, an unwanted war raged on against beings of unparalleled power. Mankind stood and fought with the gods with only their will and the power of their ingenuity. However, unification under the guise of survival does not last, infighting and divisions broke apart the integrity of mankind. … Read More
Reaves and his crew find themselves drifting in the far north of the world. As they begin the long journey back to civilization, a mysterious presence makes itself known. Read More
Pepper recruits Penney and her crew to take back her pub from Regency control. Read More

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September 20, 2017

A story of war and friendship Read More

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A black, ashen ship is stalking the skies, hunting pirates and Regency alike. Penney finds herself tasked with the hunt and destruction of this "ghost ship", unaware that Reaves has received the same assignment. Read More
Penney is forced to dock the Ruckus at an abandoned tower. In the night, a crew member disappears. In their search for him, Penney and her crew find that the tower is not quite as empty as they thought. Read More
The Ruckus has taken on an unexpected passenger. And it is hungry. Read More
The crew of the Rose retreat to a tower to lick their wounds, only for Reaves to be kidnapped by a violent group of rebels. Read More
Penney, Caixia and Smither are separated from the others during an encounter with a Regency patrol. Accompanied by their captors, the pirates are forced to navigate the dark, labyrinthine interior of a tower. Will they reach the light, or die in the dark? Read More
After suffering heavy damages, the Ruckus begins to sink into the depths of the sky. Read More
Penney calls on an old friend for aid, unaware that Reaves is right on her heels. Read More
When Penney's crew comes across a abandoned ship, Smither is exposed to a mysterious artifact, which greatly impacts his psyche. Penney and her crew must keep Smither alive and sane until the madness passes. Read More
In the second installment of the Adventures of Penney Dreadful, Kristen is whisked away by an amorous noble. Penney and her crew give chase, hoping to rescue their friend before she suffers a fate worse than death-marriage! Read More
Five years ago, the fearsome pirate Penney Dreadful and the esteemed admiral William Reaves tried to kill each other. Now, Penney has returned from hiding, her thirst for adventure unquenched. In response, Reaves has been thrust back into active service. Thus, a deadly chase begins. Beset by danger on all… Read More

Book / Fantasy

May 12, 2017

to make next chapter you need to say continue in the comments Read More
In the year 2123, siblings Arsenic, Chromium, and Uranium are chasing a gang leader called Phosphorus. Arsenic and Phosphorus seem to have a rough past that Arsenic refuses to share with Chromium and Uranium. Will they find out what Arsenic is hiding or are they going to be in the… Read More
The Clockmaster is a mysterious figure who takes care of the clock tower, and builds the atches everyone in the Great City so cherishes. No one has ever seen his face, and the only ones that go in and out of the tower are him and his apprentice. Rumors fly… Read More
A chapter from my upcoming Novel "The Clockmaster", a continuation of my short story "Sky the Clockmaster" Weeks after the attempted murder of the Clockmaster, Kara the inventor is in turmoil. She still cannot believe the mild mannered man she grew up with did the things he did. Blaming herself… Read More
A sharp-witted girl enlists the aid of a staunch astronomer as they work together after being blasted to another world. Adventure and mystery ensue after she learns her universe is bigger than she ever imagined Read More
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