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In college things change and after a bad break up with her ex, Steph needs something different. Read More
It's hidden again, and his hunger is growing, victims stacking like his vodka bottles and a daughter only trying to do what's best. Read More
a long time ago, when i was 1o years old, i first met him. we played. not afraid of our nakedness. we played docter and bathed togheter. now 6 years later, everything has changed. because ofcourse we grew up and most of all ...he is now my steph brother. Read More

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Karma [Khar-ma] Noun: An action, seen as bringing upon oneself unavoidable results, good or bad. ...But what if karma wasn't something that you believed in. What if karma was given by a person? 16-year old Nessa Willow was born and raised in California. Once Nessa was of age, she was… Read More
The last sequel to my story:) Read More

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A world where girls think boys are the part of the human race that has died out and where boys think that it is the girls that have died out. Andy and Steph find themselves on an adventure to prove that they should have the right to live with the… Read More

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