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Anya Swan is Bella Swan's younger sister, she moved from Jacksonville to live with Cheif Swan and Bella. When she meets the Cullen's and Quileutes her life takes an unexpected twist. She confronts vampires, werewolves and unhuman possibilities. I own nothing but the text and Anya Swan. If you want… Read More
A book review of Stephenie's novel: The Host. Read More
Bella Swan finds her self -yet again- in a pool of danger as one of her friends have been kidnapped! How will bella fare when she is all alone and facing an enemy stronger than she may never be? Read More

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Sequel to Breaking Dawn, in the Twilight Sage. Renesmee Cullen being the one narrating, seeing things in her perspective. This takes place 6 years later! One day i'd love to send this onto Stephenie Meyer! Enjoy!! Please comment!! :) ** Remember, rights to these characters don't belong to me, they… Read More

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(Based off of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.) Takes Place in New Moon. What happens when Bella finally realizes her love for Jacob. Will something get in the way of the two? Could it be Victoria? Or even one of the Cullens? Does Edward come back looking for Bella?… Read More
Q: what is worse than twilight? A: its insane fans known as 'twitards' (not to be confused with normal-minded fans). DISCLAIMER: i do not own the article. This article is taken from a website. Read More
I've recently discovered of the Twilight attacks going on. Here are my thoughts and some research I did to educate people of what Twilight is doing to the world. Opinions are respected and listened to. I don't really care if you like the Twilight series (notice how I didn't say… Read More
This is my review of the book Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyers. Read More

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September 06, 2009

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A story of the Twilight Saga throught Esme's eyes. Read More

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Minnie always wanted to be popular but for some reason she is sick of being a part of the Honey Bees and kissing up to the Queen bee, Kate. She is even more tired of making fun of Jena the girl with no friends at all, or doing whatever Kate… Read More

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Back when I half loved Twilight and half disliked it, I create this short "summary" of both the book and movie combined. (This was written around the time the movie first came out.) It's written in script format. Hope you all like it! Read More

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October 24, 2008

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i was writing and i thought of Twilight by stephenie meyer this was inspired by that book. Read More
a diary entry through the eyes of j.k. rowling. i was challenged to write a biography about j.k. rowling by flying piggy, but i changed it up slightly, so that it focused more on my favorite series/author/vampires- The Twilight saga Series, Stephenie Meyer, and The Cullens!!!! Read More

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This i a poem about "New moon" by Stephenie Meyer, it's sort of summarizing what happens into a poem. Read More
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