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Alpha never counted on getting a stepfamily. She has a secret almost too big to hide. Hannah never counted on her older stepsister being so cool and mysterious. When she gets to share with her, she's delighted. But then it all goes wrong, and Alpha realizes that some secrets… Read More
Josephine is reunited with her step-sister years after a situation caused friction between the two. Read More
sequal to would you be mine? everything is changing for seventeen-year-old aqua lambert. her mother is getting married, her stepbrother is leon reed her bully for the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave. read aqua's always changing story. Read More
A young girl named Rosemary is abused by her stepmother and stepsister, but they get their comeuppance and are forgiven by Rosemary Read More
this story is about a girl who is lost in the darkest one's able to find her. after 1 year her family gets a call ... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

You could say Autumn Ray’s life has been a roller coaster, but she’s had more downs than ups to be honest. After her mother dies, her drunken father remarries a hateful woman and Autumn is introduced to a life of taunting, bullying and abuse. However, things take a turn for… Read More
'My tears fell as I ran out of the hall. Heartbreak was painful. Cinderella might have left her glass slipper at the ball but I left something much more important; my heart.' For Emelie, life isn't easy. It only becomes worst when Prince Jonathan; the playboy prince, joins her school-and… Read More
Abbey hates to admit it. She hated it more than anything. that she was scared. The truth was, yes.. she was really, really scared. But she never wanted to admit it for anyone. Not even for herself. But for what? For what was she so scared of? well, basically everything.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The famous tale of Cinderella told through the eyes of sarcastic stepsister, Drizella Tremaine where Cinderella is a brat, the Prince is a superficial, and Drizella is just caught in between. Read More

Book / Fantasy

May 02, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Lady Saralee has lived in the palace all of her life, with her Mother, the Princess, and her Grandmother, the Queen. She has no idea what has happened to her father. When her mother is forced to re-marry, she finds out about something- or should I say, someone, who has… Read More

Book / Romance

April 08, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Holly Westwoods life can't get any worse, but it can get much better... Read More
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