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Because at the professional level, all sports are extreme sports. They don’t relate at all to what we weekend warrior amateurs do, except maybe the rules, and the balls. That’s why I’m proposing a new league … a winners’ league … The Small Ball Steroid League. Read More
After the Lance Armstrong scandal to rock all scandals, some interesting debates raged about the ethics of 'doping'. Despite the grand scale of the debate no answers were gained . . . well then perhaps we are asking the wrong questions? Read More
A brutal steroid shooting prison guard is busted and sent on the road for a stretch of "Diesel Therapy." Read More
A new transfer student(Josh) comes to school and is being beat up because of his accent. The "strongest" kid in the school(Nick) befriends him. Everything is good until rumors begin to spread about Nick and steroids. Read More

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September 17, 2010

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Being a baseball fan all of my life, and an ex-player, the steroid controversy that's arose in the last decade or so has really given me mixed reactions. In 2006, Senator George Mitchell and his committee discovered 89 players of the late 90's and early 2000's who had used steroids.… Read More
Thanks to the modern day steroids, sports have taken a huge hit on their popularity and integrity. Also, they have taught kids and others that taking steroids is ok. However, taking steroids is proven to do terrible things to both males and females. Ever since the 1940’s when they were… Read More
All Jason Kowalski wanted to do was to get tickets to a Baseball game to thank those who helped him when he recieved a heart transplant. Ended up playing an inning of professional baseball instead, causing major concerns and changes in his life and in others. Read More
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