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Pink Moonstone's life on Homeworld was something she called perfect. That is, until Pink Diamond got shattered. That meant that she had to take over her Diamond's duties, as that was what Moonstone's were made for. To replace their Diamond if anything ever happened to them. Read More
A short story of the Diamond's Origin. A story on how they were made. Read More
This is the story of Hematite, a Homeworld Gem in service to White Diamond, and how she goes from being a loyal Homeworld Gem, to eventually being one of Steven's staunchest allies. Disclaimer: All credit goes to the great Rebecca Sugar. Without the wonderful world that she… Read More
I made this a couple of years ago and I decided to completely scrap the character because she sucked. This was the first gemsona I ever made Read More
This is a fanfiction for the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. Read More
My friend's gem-sonas, including my gem-sona ^_^ Just for a bit of fun ^_^ Read More
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