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Watch the YouTube video here: Originally titled "The Stoic Perseverance Of a Doomed Anti-Defeatist", this is a piece I wrote back in December 2017. It's my illustration of a man who stands by his convictions no matter what. Even as they nosedive and crash into flames.… Read More
Lalissia has an average life, the only thing that sets her apart from her peers is that she's albino. Though, they don't know that. She spent every waking minute avoiding people and hiding her hair, until they didn't bother her anymore. Everything changed when she met a boy named Elios… Read More
Something about outcasts and slight irony in society. During a conversation with a friend I claimed that by being an outcast I can reject the 'normal' society just in the way they reject me. He then proceeded to ask 'But does that not make you one of them?' and I've… Read More
When a man becomes so stoic, that he ends up smoking more cigarettes than ever, hoping everything would be just as fine. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Belle has to move out to Australia to live with her uncle she's never met, the last thing she was expecting to find was home. Cain had everything. He was the most popular guy in the whole of Esther High School, had the hottest girl in school as his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The short story 'Stoic Last Stand' is about a girl that has the urge to commit suicide. The reason? To be revealed in the story. Read More
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