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The Booksie Classic House

This is my first submission and a rough draft of the prologue to what I hope will eventually become a chapter book or graphic novel. The rest of this story will take place in an entirely different environment while maintaining as much stoner humor as possible. Read More
One man has transcended the stoner trope to become the hero we need in these trying times. He sees through space and time. He yearns for salty snacks. He often misplaces his keys. He is.... The Mind Expander! Read More
Hella “Ella” Rite moved schools to keep her secret from getting out anymore. Ella was a loser, pegged as a stoner on her first day at her new school, just because she was talking to the intriging, dark Ryder Black. She cannot seem to make… Read More

Tags: love, teen, new, jock, stoner

Please read Book 2 Part 1 first (although neither is directly related to Book 1). Lost souls struggle to survive in a dying world. Everyone in the Seattle area must fight to survive amid feral humans and warring gangsters. Law has been abandoned and some form of control must be… Read More
Lost souls struggle to retain their humanity in a dying world. When solar radiation changes brain activity for most of the world's population, humans revert to a primitive, feral mindset. A handful of stoners and punk rockers band together to create a safe community as gangsters fight for domination of… Read More
Hi There I'm writing A story about a group stoners. This story is a work a progress and I want to hear what you think who knows I may write more. :) It's only a brief chapter so thanks for reading. :) Hi Everyone I have noticed people reading my… Read More

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Short Story / Young Adult

December 05, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

"There was something about her." "There was something about him." "One day it will slip, and I'll tell her." "I'll find duck tape." Read More
"The Kids", "Lynn's Brats", and "Those Fricking Stoners", are just some of the names they've earned for themselves in their small town. The Kids don't care-they might be mostly in their twenties now, and grown, but all they need is each other. They take care of their own. When your… Read More
(Content Exists with the given title) - looks like that one's been done, lulz. Hopefully the poem hasn't! It's a haiku, but it's T..H..C.. H..E..M..P.. C..B..D.. so it's a highku. This is silly, I had fun. I hope I counted the syllables correctly Read More

Book / Horror

September 27, 2012

i will be posting a new chapter every week so if you like this story please stay tuned........a young guy and his group of stoner friends are forced to take action against an ancient vampire who's armed with a ritual that can blacken the skies for 100 years. please comment Read More
A short sample of my book. Read More

Tags: dumb, tout, stoner, foyen

A hazy encounter at a park leaves this stoner with a scar he rather not talk about. Read More
Hello my name is Mathew, on occasion (most nights) I like to puff the magic dragon (Get baked, high, stoned etc). Now if by chance i'm smoking and reading an intellectual story or article my muse comes to play. This article discusses ideas such as do we really exist. And… Read More

Poem / Humor

May 29, 2011

A poem about a tired mother gone home after a hard days work who is in need of a little pick me up. Read More
.... I conveniently labeled that period of my life as spiritual research. Enlightenment elluded me, it ended in despondence, dejection, and an apathetic emotionless malaise. That night marked the begining of change for us, an irrevocable transition into the underworld culture that restructured the rest of our lives. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this awhile back, but freshened up a bit on it. This is the closest thing to romance you will ever see me write...=P.I'm not really sure what this piece is about; I just wrote it. Well I hope you all enjoy it and comment with your thoughts. Read More
In late 1994, the highly successful Lawrence Dougly will meet his oppisote, Drug dealor Ryan Stone, In this emotional and dramatic tale of how drugs can change a person and how education can make a man. Read More

Poem / Young Adult

April 06, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

oh yezzz, more stoney poetry! -.- Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 01, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

my inspiration for this poem came from my dark and crude yet strong believe in God.... and my love for the cannabis :) Read More
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