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This earth is huge, this world is weird. I think I'm a human being but an invisible one or just quiet. I have only one good friend in my life and I have lots of relatives. I have been very judgemental in this world but only I only judge inside… Read More
When I was a kid in high school, I attempted to write several unassigned original compositions which I gave to my English teacher to read. I loved to write, even back then. They were made-up stories of places and people and situations I had just imagined in my mind. I… Read More
Boyfriend and girlfriend, out huntin' coons', become the hunted instead. Read More
My first short story Read More

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Two friends re-unite, sharing a similar passion, then they share a life changing event. Read More
A collection of stories about New York teenagers in the 1970's. Read More
He had never met a child like this, so mature, so he took a special interest in this one, he, was an extraterrestrial. Read More
Off on a routine hike to get plant samples, this scientist gets far more, than he ever thought he would. Read More
Have you ever lost track of time? Have you ever just lost time? It happens more than you know, here is just one story. Read More
Three friends out for a boat ride, never knew they would have an encounter, that changed their paradigm, down to the core. Read More

Book Review / Romance

May 26, 2021

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Basque - Love Stories - rules are there to be broken - late June '21 Read More

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Hunting for mushrooms, one needs three things, a keen eye, a dense forest and to be alone, which he found out, is not always the best thing. Read More
Three friends, out on a boat, enjoying the day, fishing and drinking beer, what could go wrong right? Read More
He never did mind driving alone at night, but that night, proved that he was not alone. Read More
What should have been a simple camping trip, turned into a night of extreme terror! Read More
Driving trucks is usually a mundane life at best, yet sometimes, nature throws you a curve ball. Read More
All alone, in a big house, with a mysterious past, he had a job to do, but could only take so much. Read More
The opportunity of a lifetime, turned out to be a paralyzing experience, that no one heard about. Read More
Denial can be a powerful place, but if it seems like too good of a deal, best listen to your gut. Read More
Alone in a cemetery has never been a problem, until that night, one she'll never forget. Read More
Five friends hiking up a mountain in the deep snow, who thought a fire, could be a life saver in more ways than one. Read More

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The juices of stories feed many lives and friendships... Many stories and personalities of nature are yet to be heard and discovered.. Read More

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A collection of anthology stories (from you) from space abroad the STS Vagabond. Read More

Poem / Flash Fiction

February 18, 2021

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Anyone who sees it/Cannot help their fascination Read More

Short Story / Horror

February 05, 2021

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Sally doesn't have the best life. So she talks to her friend in her closet to pass the time. Read More
A poem, --- one basic writer's kit for producing a successful story; there are other kits. Read More

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These are the lyrics from a song that I've written named "And The More I Give", inspired by a story that I wrote called "Toronto Stories". That's the only information you need hehe. Read More
An ambitious and hopeful attempt at help with my story writing Read More

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recent feelings in a recent situation. Read More
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