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Our community will grow and become great.My poem Read More
Some random writings I want to share. Maybe poems, maybe journal entries, maybe random thoughts. Read More
As the stars and planets never permenently aligned, how can our love story? There are words I'll forever keep, just because I can't say them out loud to you. And if you can't hear them, why should anybody else? If you know the truth, what might happen? Read More
A man of truth stands solid. My poem. Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

November 07, 2022

A poem is a piece of writing in which the words are deliberately picked for their beauty and sound, and are then organized in rhymed, short lines. Verse, song, lyric, and rhyme are some synonyms for poems. A poet was referred to in the past as "a maker of things"… Read More
Have you ever tried to listen to a story told by someone with ADHD? It takes awhile to get to the point but they get there. Hey at least sometimes it's funny. Read More

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These are some of the ideas for the stories which might be good, or too good. You are free to use these ideas in your story. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 05, 2022

my grandfather grew up during the great depression; therefore, he never let food go to waste. Read More
Hi. This is Mallika Satya. I am a mother of a college student. My hobbies include reading and writing. Read More
The battles of the preliminaries continue. Read More
A short story about a teenage girl that got lost while on a trip with her parents. Read More
Getting lost in stories and escaping from reality. Read More

Book / Romance

June 23, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Have you ever got so lost in a book it's as if you were actually there. Estelle Bennett was left a little Old bookstore that used to belong to her grandmother, it was a place that Estelle had loved since being a child and her Grandmother had always said it… Read More
The life & times of Mr Dunne. Random stories & memories. Copyright The Elusive Mr Dunne.. (All rights reserved) Read More
Letters for the things I cannot say, and for the people I cannot face. Read More
The exquisitely crafted collection of ten short stories particularly depicts the signature of the in-between states of living ‘betwixt and between’ in a transitional world. The current global mobility, socio-cultural illness, political uncertainty, and digital spheres intricately change the constants and perpetuities of human life. The characters in each story… Read More
This is a very short story about someone with a lot of information; long, long, ago. Read More

Short Story / Other

January 19, 2022

Get out of my head Read More

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Still Waiting.. Read More

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waiting for the period to come and find me Read More

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Short Story / Other

January 19, 2022

Death Wish Read More

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