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June 23, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Have you ever got so lost in a book it's as if you were actually there. Estelle Bennett was left a little Old bookstore that used to belong to her grandmother, it was a place that Estelle had loved since being a child and her Grandmother had always said it… Read More
The life & times of Mr Dunne.. Read More
Letters for the things I cannot say, and for the people I cannot face. Read More
If you have ever had an accident, that when you think back on it, it makes you laugh with funny memories, then this book is for you. My life, my clumsiness, is all for you to enjoy, laugh and think, lucky me. Read More
The exquisitely crafted collection of ten short stories particularly depicts the signature of the in-between states of living ‘betwixt and between’ in a transitional world. The current global mobility, socio-cultural illness, political uncertainty, and digital spheres intricately change the constants and perpetuities of human life. The characters in each story… Read More
This is a very short story about someone with a lot of information; long, long, ago. Read More
Get out of my head Read More

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Still Waiting.. Read More

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waiting for the period to come and find me Read More

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Death Wish Read More

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Short Story / Other

January 19, 2022

For her Read More

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I hide things with smiles Read More

Tags: life, sad, stories

This is a short story of two friends that describes how a small misunderstanding between the two creates a rift and leads to shambles. Read More

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This short essay is a piece of a larger work I am working on about my family's history. Read More
Hello, this is a book that will contain different short stories that covers a span of genres. I wanted to share this with my future daughter, Aurora. I hope you find joy in these stories and live a beautiful life. I voice-over these stories and poetry on my Youtube channel-LibraryforAurora. Read More
This earth is huge, this world is weird. I think I'm a human being but an invisible one or just quiet. I have only one good friend in my life and I have lots of relatives. I have been very judgemental in this world but only I only judge inside… Read More
Life was so different then. So simpler then. It seemed so much fuller then, and yet, there was so little that we had then. That was the way we were. Read More
The history of an infatuation over the years. Note: This story is set in an older Portland when telephone poles still had white stripes, before the Internet and cell phones, and long before "Portlandia" was ever on the air. So there are no hipsters in this story, just average people.… Read More
When I was a kid in high school, I attempted to write several unassigned original compositions which I gave to my English teacher to read. I loved to write, even back then. They were made-up stories of places and people and situations I had just imagined in my mind. I… Read More
A collection of stories about New York teenagers in the 1970's. Read More
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