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Family went on Springbreak trip. My old neighbor told me she set first step in Indian Territory at Bridgeport, Ok. Have a book Ghostowns Oklahoma....thus went there and a few other places....Air Space Museum....Poetry seems to be easy for me.....therapy too. Hope you enjoy. Read More
No one dared go over the bridge, because it was too damn scary and nerve wrecking The stories, the stories became legends. Some wanted to visit the bridge, they were the crazies. Read More
I will not and cannot consider myself a victim of child abuse. In fact I feel I am just as much to blame, so how could I possibly consider myself a victim? I feel that I was complicit. I long ago came to terms as to how I feel about… Read More
Life as the favored one is plunged into an on-going struggle for sanity, serenity and self-preservation. Reprisal, revenge and reward are indeed difficult to attain, but dreams that must be fulfilled. Read More
discribes different emotions, conflicts inside Read More
Moral This story reveals how foolish to accept comments that make someone happier even though there is no truth in the comments. Powerlessness doesn't mean that we are strong in spirit! Do not get flattered about our strength. Read More
How Aunt Molly admires the wild flowers she offers her every day. I need the reviewers to comment on the feelings of both characters, Aunt Molly and Emily. Read More
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