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Funny story about a town called PUZZLEVILLE where everyone wakes up to the street signs blank. Read More
yeh ek baache ki kahani hai jo abhi 22 saal ka hai jisne school diificulties dhekhi or wo studies mai bilkul aacha nhi tha or most important usse kese apne aap hi dought hua ki woh kahi jaana hai toh khaani pado Read More

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Book / Fantasy

September 01, 2023

Within a royal castle lies secrets so chilling. Cursed to be Immortalized as blood no longer runs warm, replaced with a cold heart. Ruling over the kingdom, treating mortals as their own, yet hiding who they truly are. As Amethyst tries to live her life as normal, a simple peasant… Read More
The world of Gaea, a vast planet filled with a variety of empires, people, and monsters. A world shaped by the power known as Chaos. Within, there lives a boy, his name, Inorema Pasi. Who begins a quest to become the strongest warrior. With the power he has stored within… Read More

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In the realm of human experience, dreams and aspirations serve as the luminous stars guiding our journey through life's intricate tapestry. From the tender moments of childhood to the contemplative stages of adulthood, these ethereal companions accompany us, fueling our passions and propelling us toward greatness. The human spirit thrives… Read More
4 Teenagers on an adventure to eliminate NASA from doing their evil deeds of world domination. Can they eliminate the main enemy, Gummy? Or will they fail miserably, and return home hopeless slobs? Read More
Era of detectives , Like Sherlock Holmes Read More
Ellie Smudge lives in a picturesque Scottish village with her family and pets. Ellie's world is turned upside down when strange things start to happen by chance, as a mystical circus arrives. Is it the circus owners who send Ellie on wild adventures, meeting new friends along the way? Read More
Sally is a friendly, but lonely dragon, who lives atop a mountain. People in the local town below know nothing about Sally, and don't take time to get to know her, preferring to judge her by her looks. They tell untrue tales to scare children, even though Sally is really… Read More
We exist and create stories through the time of ballet. In the whirl of the universe, we find our roles and sway through the ages with broad hearts. The flow of life sways on a mystical stage, and existence gives birth to new works. It resonates through the universe, through… Read More
"Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it." Read More

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On my way to an academic function, I saw a person destroying trees without permission and protested as best as I can. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A maiden is born the bastard of the former king and an escort. Her mother found the child too ugly to keep and sent her to the king. The king didn’t understand how a woman so beautiful could birth such a hideous creature. He sent the girl away to live… Read More
Summary and Where to Get it info: Where to get it: Download Free - Visit Summary: A creature that lives in a different world ends up in a human world by mistake. That's when the mPaka Mysteries happen. Sparrow wrote up a rhyming story about this whimsical creature.… Read More
Be careful of what you take into your mind.My poem Read More
This is a story about a man returning from war and seeing the love of his life again. I wrote this as an activity for a creative writing course I did a few years back. Hope you like it. Read More

Short Story / Romance

March 10, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

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