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a story of a girl who drives and crashes one winter night. Read More
18 year old Kyle Summer, is finally a senior. But, maybe this year isnt what she imgianed. Her boyfriend hasnt talked to her all summer, and her best friend keeps hanging with her boyfriend. Then she decides to do a secert blog on the school website. Nobody knows that she's… Read More
A few short issues relating to depression Read More
This is a short story i wrote intended for kids. It's about a little kitten who is smaller then brothers and sisters but does not allow his size to hold him back from anything. i have not publish any books yet but i hope to one day. i am just… Read More
Words hurt but you just smile back. Fear is a weak emotion and thats why I despise it. Staying strong is all there is to go on. Read More
My novle chapter one! Read More

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A couple of books that I should be putting up through-out the months! Read More

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A short story for XPStiger rounds contest! Enjoy!! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

short story filled with lots of detail Read More
The addresses of our two new sites. All are welcome to join ans expose their work to a wider audience. Read More

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September 27, 2008

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This is a poem i wrote that tell about my feelings Read More
This was a story written awhile ago Written for Third Graders and up, poems for any age if read too. Read More
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