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From the youngest generation to the oldest generation there is a story to be told of every person who has ever existed. Everyone has trials and triumphs. Everyone has a destination in the end. The "Storyteller" is a representation of all the triumphs over the challenges of this life… Read More
Instead of a short story, attempting a poem. Read More
Nick Brennan is working on a story when he hears footsteps on his front porch. Part 1of 3 Read More
A story of how stories can become a source for hope, or hopelessness, love and hate intertwined, and how simple a hero can become one. Read More

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There is nothing to say about a ghost story, except: Believe what you will. Read More
Hugh Burman is a Private Investigator. His friend Cameron Adams writes a book about a serial killer. Someone read the book before it was published and became obsessed with it and tried to turn it into real life. Hugh and his team must figure out who did this. Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 06, 2012

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A poem on the essence of a story. (Written about two years ago.) Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 23, 2011

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He’s no ordinary, He’s no ordinary man, son For--he is a man who is truly Blessed with gifted power, from mighty heaven above. He is a unique person son A storyteller of class, caliber and talent He is widely known and he is really gallant.. Read More

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January 04, 2010

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(I started writing this for National Novel Writing Month, but I haven't finished it yet. Hopefully, I will soon.) Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl turns out to be a magical figure known as the StoryTeller, keeper of all stories. On their first date, she spins the tale of… Read More
Foreward: The Tale of Tarak-Kar begin in about 1993 as an exercise for me in writing in the epic poetry style. I did not, at the time, think it would go anywhere, but was intrigued by the format. I was interested in exploring the old tradition of passing down stories… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 24, 2008

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A short poem about a storyteller. Enjoy! Read More
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