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If a stranger sat next to you on a train and got up, leaving a package behind. Would you investigate the package? Read More
Two young boys confront an old man said to be a Ligaroo (Ware Wolf) Read More
I sat at my widow looking out at the ocean beyond my back yard. The yard was dark, and I could not help but feel like someone or something was in the yard watching my every move. Read More
Henry learns more about the people on the island he is shipwrecked on. Read More
Chapter 2. In this chapter Henry explores his new surroundings. Read More
A girl of dreams, a girl of goals; that’s who she's. She's a person that believes that dreams and goals are what we live for, facing obstructions and handling them are suspension of live, and what we love is the fuel that keeps us moving toward our dreams. For her… Read More
Former slaves Akosua, Adofo and Kwao thought they had found freedom on an island they named Akan Island. But the Ligaroos and their evil Gods and spirits roamed the island, attacking and kidnapping the villagers, taking them to Jumbie Island turning them into Jumbie slaves. The former slaves rescues Henry,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It started out as trying to be descriptive, but kind of came to life as something else Read More
Escape from confusion is as elusive as a flash of lightning.... Read More

Poem / Romance

March 10, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

When three friends are tasked with paying for their night of drinks in advance, they must decide whose turn it is to buy, before they are kicked out forever. Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

September 27, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A story I thought up when listening to a Panic! At the Disco song with the same name. (Warning: strong language) Read More
A princess meets a lonely, soft spoken knight. Read More
this is one paragraph that i wrote in a five paragraph essay. four other people wrote the other paragraphs. Read More

Book / Romance

September 14, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

“Back then, there was only one thing that mattered to me, just one word: Survival; and I was beyond unprepared when one word tore it all down, including the foundation from beneath my feet, and that one word was: Her.” Read More
This poem describes what it's like to be a writer. Primarily it plays up on the relationship between the writer and the audience. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 28, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

I had a breakdown and deleted all of my works because I needed more control over the situation I was in, and I opened up and realized what writing is. Read More
In 1997, the world’s highest paid corporate lawyer, Lawrence Inlow, was struck in the head by the rotor blade of a company helicopter when he prematurely departed the aircraft. Company CEO, Steven Hilbert, was subsequently questioned regarding the incident, and the disembarkation procedure he himself approved (to save executive time).… Read More
Lyman can't escape the lingering fear and despair after his brothers death. As Lyman solves the death will it mend his troubles? or will the death of his beloved brother consume him? Read More
A story centers around the struggle between protagonist and antagonist, Hero and Villain. Its focus comes from the Hero's Second, the deuteragonist. Read More
Positive Quest, Universal Quotations by Pia. R SB A truly Singular Self-Help storytelling. A Philosopher's Program to empower. People's Quest. "Positive Quest" provided for a source, reminder of the key values & qualities that are close to the Self values recognised as vital in psychosynthesis, & that I hold… Read More
Following a creative writing class for senior citizens, an old man relates a bizarre tale from his youth, a story which suggests a human breeding season each year. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Has Bill been working too hard for too long or is this detour off the motorway just what he and his family needs? Read More

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