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Sarah, Jessica and Melissa are on their way to Hawkes Bay to meet Jessica's parents. But they have a problem. Jessica's car breaks down on the Taupo Napier Road. And they live in a parallel world where cell phones haven't been invented. They are stranded on the Taupo Napier Road.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

in 2029, five teens get stranded on a small island filled with bloodthirsty monsters that would love nothing ,more then to eat them. will they survive? read this book to find out. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 13, 2017

"I have left to sit and watch." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

There are spirits of the dead, I know that to be a fact, and this poem is just an idea. Read More

Tags: pain, body, dead, harm, stranded

Book / Romance

November 02, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

This book is about two 14 year old children who fall in love after being stranded on an island. Read More
"My soul shatters together with the world I once knew, I miss them. I miss my family. I miss everything I took for granted. Too bad I can't go back now. All I can look forward to is the day ahead of me. And the life I have left to… Read More

Book / Romance

February 27, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

When Emma's train gets stranded due to a snowstorm just the day before Christmas, she can't help but feel extremely devastated. But her feelings take a turn when she bumps into passenger Jonas Farley. And everything could change in one snowy night. Read More
After a plane crash Richard Douglas is stranded on an island. He must team up with the people he meets on the island and uncover it's mysteries and the island is not all what it seems to be....Enjoy this novel! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Three people are stranded on an unknown planet. Read More
The first chapter of a story I'm working on about a group of people who become stranded in woods after a mysterious crash of the ship taking them to the Capitol city. The group must struggle to survive and try and figure out what events lead to them being on… Read More
A man, Gerard Fenton, wakes on an island intact and unharmed, after he and hundreds of other experience tragedy on a cruise ship. How will he react to the fact that out of the hundreds on the ship, he and one other are the only ones that seem to have… Read More
After surviving a plane crash, I land in the middle of nowhere. Will I make it back to the mainland? Or will I be stuck in the ocean forever? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A lieutenant finds himself stranded in a distant corner of space. Read More
Jay, a 17 year old hothead and Chemical, a 21 year old fanatic are stranded on a new found planet, hired by the System. They must get over their sibling-like rivalries and work together to get off the planet and wreck the System of their inhumane testing facility. Read More

Poem / Humor

October 28, 2013

A humorous farce (poem)...begins with about running out of gas, then goes in many different directions. Doesn't make any sense, but it should be fun for you to read. Read More
These are the same characters as my previous Hot for Teacher story but in an alternate setting. There is a blizzard and Jane and friends need rescuing in Antartica when Soren - the hunk - is in the vicinity to come to their aid. They stay overnight in a cabin/bunker… Read More
Ten lucky teens won a trip to China, and were anticipating a good time. But all that changes when the plane goes down, not far from a deserted island. What will happen to them? Watch them as they journey through life, struggle, hunger and death... Read More

Short Story / Romance

February 15, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Please read my short story The Wrist Watch. Read More
The short story that I am submitting is about a couple that got stranded in the wood on a cold winter night. They struggle to get help to keep from freezing to death. Read More
Scott Rivers is stranded in the middle of the pacific. Can he deal with his past while keeping his sanity alone at sea? Read More
Edward Black is waiting for engineers to pick up his broken down car but the weather takes its turn for the worst and has saw a nearby, mysterious looking house. Taking shelter is his objective and desperately enters the house. He soon finds this could be a grave mistake! Read More
My new novel: Stranded. Character Pics and Summary. Read More
When Victoria (Tori) Saunders boarded Flight 37 with her siblings, she expected to awaken in the sunny Caribbean but instead finds herself stranded on a forgien island with a band of strangers. Almost as sudden as the plane crash, she also finds herself taking charge and helping her fellow survivors… Read More
The world has exploded in nuclear war. People with the potential for surviving has floated off to other planets or galaxies. Hannah and Kyndra were one of them. Now they are stuck on the planet of Mars, which is full of surprises and danger at every turn. Will they ever… Read More
Yay! Another English project! This is based off of Lord of the Flies, basically my sort of own version of it in a different setting...Enjoy! Read More
This is the entire Anywhere But Here series put together in one story. Part 1: Courtney and her classmates' bus crash leaving the group stranded on an island. Empty but not deserted, the island proves much more than an ordinary island. Can Courtney and her friends find a way off… Read More
A team of 5 imprisoned soldiers were stranded in the middle of a desert by the enemies. Will they find their way out? (Edited version. I would like here to thank my friend Sarah(iloveyou97) for correcting every error that I made. I just have no words to thank your greatness… Read More
Emma Carter is your average but uptight and overacheiving teenager. Her whole life she wealthy and was exactly what everyone expected her to be. Her life seems flawless except for one thing. Her boyfriend Elliot Turner. On the outside he seems great but he secretly abuses Emma. Right after they… Read More
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