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The whole poem's a farce that rhymes Read More
Vernal Fridays finds Her biding Time Chastity vibe and a bottle of Wine Resting upon a ledge balance beamed Light and dark fluidity of movement- Diurnal Vernal blade of Bluegrass Holding the contour of a footstep Left Behind yesterdays Gamble. A Win streak Wind beaked Birdcall Beckons a Supper time… Read More
A poem about a murderer. No spaces between lines, because I made this on my iPod. Will make Another like this if requested. Appreciate comments too. Read More
Seven Avatars shall lead Para Kind to freedom, but beware One will try and stop you! A wise Witch gave this prophecy to Zane Rite, and half angel half demon hybrid. He already knows that he is one of these Avatars. What happens when he suddenly meets almost all of… Read More
A fast-talking and energetic guy can't make a girlfriend stick and then along comes a babe whose mom has urged her to find a guy who is different to the guys she usually dates. The two meet but not with instant romantic awareness that they are just so right for… Read More

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November 20, 2007

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Rumbling, Grumbling in the night Masses of energy stir in the air Read More
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