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10th century Valahia (Romania). Codrin is member of a secret cult called "Calusari" who are preparing for a protection ritual they must perform during the Pentecost celebration. But the villagers are concerned about the Boyar's guest, a young prince from Transylvania, and his relationship with the Boyar's daughter, Savina. ____________________________________________________… Read More
*Original Work By Richelle Mead* An alternate ending I wrote to Blood Promise years ago. What the ending could've been like had Dimitri sent Rose more than just the stake... Read More
A story about a man who has it all but craves immortality in an historical sense. What he finds, what finds him is a type of eternity that he neither could have imagined or ever desired. Read More
-For Destined for Darkness' Descend into the Darkness Challenge- Mali is a banished royal Moroi traveling distant lands in a nomadic lifestyle. Moroi were mortal vampires who still had their souls and connection to one of the five elements. Strigoi are immortal vampires who don't have souls and have no… Read More

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June 25, 2009

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What happens when two covens share one territory? Will they hunt each other, and kill many innocents in the process? As the Romanian say Strigoi...the evil undead souls. Read More
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